“The Faerie Trees”…and a new look for Nat and me ;)

Celestial Elf is one of my favorite machinina makers. From telling Druid tales, or maybe the day of the dead, to saving all trees, his style, voice, choice of music and machininma magic is so easy to recognize and love. I fall bewitched into film after film. Sooooooooo…
when I logged into Second Life (according to me for a few minutes) I was swept up by an invitation from Elf that I couldn’t refuse, “Hi Karima I’m just finishing a film and Natascha said she can drop over to help……” That is how minutes later I found myself face to face in a stand-off with Nat..a very new look for both of us (winks)

That Henkie Troll on the left is Nat and I am "Toad Man"

That Henkie Troll on the left is Nat and I am “The Toadman”

And here is the finished film. Thank you Elf for including me in your very important tale.
As he explains,
“Britain’s trees are under unprecedented threat from new pests and diseases. We are asking people to help us identify trees that might have problems – particularly ash, oak, horse chestnut, pine or spruce trees – so we can find out more or take appropriate action. ( http://bit.ly/HEnNAE )”
Read more about it on YouTube (also see our names in the credits:)

Leaps up and down and claps wildly pointing below to the Video..Enjoy!!

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8 Responses to “The Faerie Trees”…and a new look for Nat and me ;)

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  2. Hahahaha YAY! The Toad and the Troll.


  3. Haha YES! I feel we might see these two characters soon…in another tale:) hehehe


  4. Great to have you both on board and Yes Im hoping that the magical forest will show us Henckie Troll and OtherWivet Toad again soon 😀


    • Thank you so much for inviting us…and I think the Toad might make a cameo soon while waiting for his next big Elf Production:) I loved your film, an important message to help our beloved trees,plus its enchantment!


  5. daleinnis says:

    Definitely a new look! 🙂 Impressive video, very different. Amazing the range of things SL enables machinima-wise (and otherwise).


  6. Thanks Dale..we were both so happy to be able to leap about for a few seconds:) Elf makes some really wonderful and as you say, very original films.Thanks for your continual support of all we do. SL is amazing in this respect.I totally agree!


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