Karima Reads For Grading Day @ The Companion’s Guild~ Saturday the 28th 1:30pm slt

My first

My first reading on stream on April 21st 2010 was for The Guild!

I was so scared, soooo nervous, that I wore my podium…really! It was attached to me, thanks to a clever builder friend Nikita. Just as stiff as you see me above, is how I felt. The mysteries of streaming, and balance, delay and bitrates were still newly challenging passages  for me and what I was feeling the moment I stepped into my podium and  went paralyzed in my pose..was beyond stage fright. I did finally get used to it all, and came to love the audience connection live and immediate that this form of reading offers. Now three and a half years later, I am invited back to give a very special reading this Saturday the 28th at 1:30pm slt. I will quote the High Priestess Varahi Lusch who tells a little more about the event.

“Come and join the Firefly Companion’s Guild as they celebrate their end of term Grading Day. Hosted on the Dakini Land island on what will be the last main event on this beautiful sim, the Companion acolytes will be rewarded with the colours of their new grades. Come celebrate with them and listen to some great music, hear live poetry by Karima Hoisan, watch the dancing of the beautiful Yoshiwara Geishas and participate in our lively boat race!! All welcome, please bring a friend or two :)”

I will be performing many new poems and the reading will be only 30 minutes, so please come earlier and stay for it all. I hope to see you on this beautiful island this Saturday!
Just take this flight:
Karima’s Reading on Dakini

Hope to see you there!

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1 Response to Karima Reads For Grading Day @ The Companion’s Guild~ Saturday the 28th 1:30pm slt

  1. lunabranwen3 says:

    Glad I was able to be there, Kari! ❤


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