Satin Doll Solo


Sometimes I just don’t see you...

Satin doll…smoke-filled room, eyes all over you…
feather boas, crowded ashtrays, hard wood stools and plumes,
dark brick walls behind the bar, where the trash turns smoky blue;
couples fumble vertically, up against the wall
pressing their passion under the moon’s bewitching hue.

Maybe a cello can inspire your sunrise, walking down the street
you hear the master, and his notes transport you inside, it’s so deep,
but oh my satin doll, you are so much more than that to me,
a guitar solo that cries and it makes me sigh when I can’t find you.
It makes me cry and I sing the my lonely Club of Blues

Your perfect loving hands made just to offer and to give,
high high heels, the turn of  phrase, your look that comes up to meet my eyes..
Speak to me my satinized wrapped fantasy, oh I know you so well. I know you so well.
You are no stranger no usurper, no pretender, no come lately…
and you are only mine.

Sometimes I just don’t see you when I open up our door.
I hear, oh I hear you calling me in the passion of a riff
in that whine, in that wailing slide.
When the guitar cries and moans, I hear you but I don’t see you,
I don’t feel you, like you’re lost to me, and I don’t solo cries,
“Let my fingers touch once more your satin strap, your satin skin
your soul,
my satin doll……..”

Karima Hoisan
Feb. 2, 2014
Kari’s Bar and Dance, New Toulouse, SL

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7 Responses to Satin Doll Solo

  1. daleinnis says:

    So very evocative! And so much the smoky spirit of the new club, too. 🙂 It is in your bones…


  2. Hoyt Heron says:

    Very exotic ruca! Almost avatar-like. I am yet, as always amazed at your bottomless supply of ideas and words!


  3. Oh Hoyt , thank you for this comment, and for your very special brand of support:)


  4. lunabranwen3 says:

    Dale says “evocative” and indeed it is; I say “provocative” and find myself lilting to the tones and imagined riffs, wails and guitar moans. Quite lovely and well said, Miss Kari. Your style is simply-put, in a word “satiny.” 🙂


  5. Lol Luna I always heard you had a lovely smile:) Thank you for getting into the mood of this poem, and also being a regular at the club, and very much part of our family! Maybe it’s the sim, or the location on the canal, or that music that swirls ’round, but just turn on midnight and this little club can bewitch:) Thank you for the “satiny style”compliment..I hope to keep it smooth and shiny:)


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