Second Life: Yes, Where Theater is Virtually Alive, Innovative, and Entertaining!

Sooo, last night I had the great pleasure of being in the audience, and witness to a true Second Life Theatrical Experience. I am talking about the incredible Production by Idle Rogue (Home of the uber-popular “Guerilla Burlesque”) of “Le Cirque de Nuit” which is based loosely on Erin Morgenstern’s novel,”The Night Circus” It was polished and elegant, a beautiful performance all in blacks and whites and greys.


The Program was a booklet given to all.

The audience gave up control of their own cameras to a very well orchestrated version directed by the technicians of the show, that allowed us all to see close-ups and wide shots when necessary. I know this alone, saved many from crashing while trying to cam in to get a closer look. The general performance that I attended was filled to capacity 56 minutes before the show even started, leaving many very disappointed patrons with no luck for getting in. Shesa and Gamma, my two talented friends who were part of the show as “wild animals,” had warned me to get in early, and really the whole sim filled up (80 avatars) in 6 minutes! I will include some photos I was brave enough to snap, as I always worried I would crash and not get back, so they are not the best quality, but do give an idea of the diversity, elegance and flawless set shifting of the whole show.


Shesa on the left-Gamma on the right and Zahra keeping them in line



This very steampunk act was so beautifully scripted and animated..- Sho Kyong performing


Sho Kyong in perfect synchronization


Yay Girls!

Yay Girls!


a lovely scene changing Intermission

a lovely scene changing intermission



Act after act of amazing Circus variety



Aww, I didn’t want it to ever end!

I want to thank everyone involved in this production. It was so obviously a labor of love, artistic passion at its highest, and community talent, and solidarity shared in a way we can all appreciate and remember. I had tears in my eyes when it was over. Such a beautiful production given freely for all… oh our  beloved virtual world of Second Life does have its very special moments, and this marks one I will not easily forget.
More information about Idle Rogue Productions can be found on their blog.

And on this note….
I wish to share Drax’s latest file about another theatrical group of Second Life that I think will whet your interest to see too. I am so wanting to go, and I found a performance that is not yet Sold Out! April 27th is my turn. For those interested you can see what shows coming up still have tickets available right here
I will quote a line from them off of Drax’s YouTube information and then invite you to see this great episode on what they do… Very impressive!

“We have forgotten how to play, how to have fun!” says Canary Beck and elaborates on why the Metaverse is the place to do just that: “Second Life is like merging Photoshop with a Holodeck” she says and her partner Harvey Crabsticks adds: “…it is a playground to experiment, where all the elements are programmable!”

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4 Responses to Second Life: Yes, Where Theater is Virtually Alive, Innovative, and Entertaining!

  1. Gamma Infinity says:

    So happy you could make it and what a wonderful write-up!


    • Aww you guys were so great!..everyone was! I was very moved at the love that obviously went into all of this, from all of you!
      Amira kept me grounded by feeding me popcorn, or I might have missed some parts due to eye blurs:)


  2. daleinnis says:

    Wow to both! That is the kind of thing that makes SL and the virtual worlds so obviously amazing… great to see that that kind of thing is still being put on, and apparently better all the time. And a great writeup for those of us who weren’t lucky enough to make it in. 🙂


    • Thank you so much Dale for your great comment. I agree with you totally, and I think that was bringing a tear to my eye, many times, while I was at Le Cirque de Nuit” also just the privilege to be part of it all…even in the audience. I’m sorry my photos didn’t do it justice.. but maybe Drax will make a well deserved machinima about it too!! I hear rumors (from Gamma) of an encore..I hope many encores so everyone gets a chance to see it!


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