Brand New


…a lovestruck sprint, a headline race…

This poem is a shoot pushing through the ground
It’s Spring. It’s April, a bud curled up
so fresh it has no idea What it wants to be.
It just knows Why it wants to be…
It wants to be for you.

Something new is being fashioned;
a feeling before the words emerge,
a heady zephyr, a lion to tame
a trending look, that has your name.
So put it on, and wear it well; it’s yours.

This poem’s on the fast track
It’s a starter and a winner
in a photo-finish ending.
It’s a valiant heart about to burst,
a lovestruck sprint, a headline race,
running in the lead, and you’re there cheering.

Now it opens; now it flowers, showing off its colors.
Parading, high steps, freshly perfumed, wearing ribbons,
takes a bow in center ring, stands tall in winner’s circle,
a trophy of a flower, while applause bursts from the stands and….
You’re there and wear the biggest smile. You knew it was for you.

Karima Hoisan
April 10th, 2014
Costa Rica

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4 Responses to Brand New

  1. daleinnis says:

    I think you will have every reader smiling with that. :). Thank you.


  2. aww thanks Dale…my pleasure and I hope you’re right. Fun to feel positive in Spring-time:)


  3. Hoyt Heron says:

    This is a beautiful piece ruca! It has such an uplifting feeling to it. A new beginning feel. A happy ending feel. This is a poem I will copy and read many many times.


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