Taking The Plunge Into The Hypergrid

So where I am?

So where I am? Shhh it’s a secret!

But where I was, and why I have this attractive pale blue skin, cyborg jump-suit,new cap, and am actually dancing a cool dance was The NGrid. I am a late adopter usually, and I don’t know why I waited so long, but today I put an address in my map while I was standing on Vector’s Vortex in Kitely, and teleported to another grid, a standalone grid called NGrid. My friend Spiral who is now on Kitely too, told me about it and I took the plunge finally and held my breath as I headed for a new world for the first time. My avatar, my clothes, my inventory all riding along with me, and it felt safe and yet like a great virtual adventure!


Into the flow….

From the notecard I was handed when I arrived, I can tell you a tiny bit of what it is about, but I will point you to their webpage, for more details. I quote from the notecard:

“The New Genres Grid is a standalone virtual world which was created in early 2011 by artist Max Moswitzer/Mosmax Hax, and is solely dedicated to artistic and learning activity.

Liquid, flummoxed and experimental, NGrid is a sophisticated metaverse which was founded in search of a free building environment, akin to a real life studio in which creative activity can realize it’s uninterrupted potential, albeit in the friendly proximity of like-minded individuals. ” More information click here: NGrid website

What I want to share is when you land, you face box after box stuffed with free items.. wonderful items, skins, hair, complete avatars, scripts, animations, DANCES, ..oh hard not to feel a bit euphoric with so many free and really nice things offered. In the name of sharing, NGRid has shown a generous spirit indeed, and I always love to see that in the virtual community. Thank you Max Moswitzer!! I think everything made by me on all my Kitely worlds, you can copy and take home with you if you like. If not, just let me know, but my stuff is not half as useful as what is given away here at the landing point.

So Where am I? Shhh just a little tease for now

So Where am I? Shhh just a little tease for now

Oh and by the way..if anyone was wondering if Nat and I were working on this year’s entry for the UWA Machinima  Challenge….well we are:) *winks

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11 Responses to Taking The Plunge Into The Hypergrid

  1. We are all merely wanderers of the Metaverse. 🙂


    • Ha Ha so true Spiral! Thanks for pointing me to NGrid. You would think if I made it and stayed on Kitely more than three years ago, I might have kept going…but well I needed that little push!


  2. Alpha Auer says:

    Hi Karima! How great to hear that you made it out to NGrid! If/when you go back check out my sim also: https://www.facebook.com/alphaauer
    It is a pretty large sim with 4 levels. And there is also a shop there where there are a few more freebies that are not at Ubik.


    • Hi Alpha..why thank you very much for your offer, and I most certainly will come see your world! I look forward to it, and please visit my latest one on Kitely when you get a chance.
      grid.kitely.com:8002:Vector’s Vortex
      Nothing can stop me now from my explorations!!


  3. Alpha Auer says:

    ooops! forgot to give you the name of the sim, didn’t I? It is called ShapeShifter. 🙂


  4. daleinnis says:

    Wait, we can do that now?? I am so out of touch! Thanks for blogging about it. And such an intriguing picture… 🙂


  5. Why thank you Dale Innis! So nice of you to stop by..I know..if we blink we will be out of the loop and flow of the metaverse..Oh and yes the picture….is still a secret:)


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  7. Shesa Quandry says:

    Sorry about this… but I have to go with my first thought…
    You look SO COOL in those glasses!!! ;o)
    Hugs you!


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