HG Safari Dances Cosmic Salsa On Vector’s Vortex

Nina Camplin-Fuschia is Over The Moon on Vector's Vortex

Nina Camplin-Fuschia is Over The Moon on Vector’s Vortex (Fuschia Nightfire)

Isn’t that a gorgeous picture!! (points up)
Yesterday I had the opportunity to host the HG (Hypergrid) Safari and it was an amazing experience for me in many ways.

First I had never maxed out a dance ball on Kitely (25 dancers) and second I never had so many visitors all at once (between 28 and 30) but the world was incredibly stable and not laggy and the tour kept sending people up smoothly. I was honored to have such a great group of explorers, artists, creators of all kinds, and just very good people on Vector. Everyone it seemed had a great time, and it was a good stress test for Kitely as a grid. We passed with flying colors. I will include a few more pictures from Nat and myself and Thirza’s blog post url to read our local chat when we said “Adios.”
Thirza has more information on her blog post about how to join the Safari in future weeks. I can’t wait for next week’s destinations!

Vector's Airarium was a very popular attraction

Vector’s Airarium was a very popular attraction Photo by Nat

Yours Truly...Photo by Nat

Yours Truly…Photo by Nat

Elevator-Going Down...

Elevator-Going Down…

Cosmic Salsa

Cosmic Salsa

I hope to host the HG Safari again..on one of my other worlds, but the Vortex was a great place to host such a multivirtual  group of travelers… Was a true honor to do so.
Here is a  great piece on the whole Safari (all three destinations) by Thirza:
Safari Spanks The Vortex
and another post by Nat in German with some  artistic photos (post Gimp):
Die Hypergrid Safari

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10 Responses to HG Safari Dances Cosmic Salsa On Vector’s Vortex

  1. joeysl says:

    What a beautiful picture (Over the Moon)! That’s pure poetry right there 😀
    I love your Sim Vector’s Vortex, Karima, and I’m really sorry I missed this party.


  2. Thank you Joey and sorry you couldn’t make it yesterday, but so glad you had some time the day before to explore with Nat:) Hopefully we can all go on a Safari next week.


  3. From Spike Sol who was on the HG Safari yesterday:
    Liebe Reisende,
    Auf der gestrigen Hypergrid-Safari war ein Ziel der Vector’s Vortex. Zweifelsohne eine Kunstausstellung, aber mit so viel Physik drin, und Astronomie und Kernphysik, Schwarze Löcher, Erscheinungen und weiß ich was alles. Größen relativieren sich, Entfernungen soielen keine Rolle mehr. Manches was klein ist, wird groß und andersrum. Es war eine phaszinierende Erfahrung, die ich jedem nur wärmstens ans Herz legen kann.

    (Ach jetzt komme ich wieder ins Schwärmen…. Bleib sachlich Spike.)

    Man kommt an und ist in einem Raum, von dem auch ein beeindruckender Tunnel leicht nach oben führt, Dort angekommen befindet man sich auf einer Plattform mit einem astronomischen Arbeitsplatz des vorletzten Jahrhunderts. Hier nimmt man sich ein Buch, setzt sich drauf und schwebt leicht, einer Feder gleich, gen Himmel.

    Google Translated:
    Dear Travelers
    At yesterday’s Hyper Grid Safari was a target of the Vector’s Vortex. Undoubtedly an art exhibition, but with so much physics in it, and astronomy and nuclear physics, black holes, phenomena and I know what all. Sizes into perspective, distances soielen not matter anymore. Some of what is small, large, and vice versa. It was a phaszinierende experience I can warmly recommend highly enough each.

    (Oh, now I’ll be back objectively into raptures …. Stay Spike.)

    You can get on and is in a room from which a impressive tunnel leads upwards slightly, Once there, you will find yourself on a platform with an astronomical work of the last century. Here you take a book, sits on it and floats easily, a spring equal to heaven.


  4. jan betts says:

    Well of course…. as are all creations Karima’s mad multifaceted genius… just fabulous ! Brilliant.


  5. Hugs Jan..Thanks for that wonderfully over-the-top comment… smiles and winks!!


  6. daleinnis says:

    Looks like a great time was had by all! 🙂 Great pictures of a great place…


  7. Thanks Dale..was a very wonderful moment in my Kitely history..I hope to be a regular myself now on these forays but I need some better boots..and everything else:) too hehe


  8. Shesa Quandry says:

    I had the good fortune to attend for a short while. It was so evident that everyone was having a wonderful time. No one was sitting still, they wanted to take it all in. Shhh… don’t tell, but… the Vortex is SO HUGE, that’s almost impossible. ;o) Karima had a tour ride that reveals the vastness of it all. She was, of course, the perfect hostess. I have no doubt that everyone there can’t wait to return. Thank you so much for letting me share in that wonderful experience.


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