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                                                                   Toni Please push play to hear me recite this poem to Neil Young’s “Helpless” Toni This is the music that played through our days The Canyon was our forever home hippies roaming the sunset strip parading after dark up … Continue reading

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Your Choice

Surikov_Strelets_woman_hiding_her_face_1880 Where have you gone? Where are you now?Can memories, dissolve in Time’s ocean,like foam on waves rolling out to sea?There is nowhere to even look for you…as I am not sure who you were, or even why I never knew. … Continue reading

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Two Steps Forward…One Step Back

Two Steps Forward…One Step Back In this dance..in the age old steps we learn,about friendship,but especiallyabout romance…We must always listen to the music. How awkwardhow clumsywhen we dance quickerthan the beat.When we get aheadof the rhythmand must pullourselves back to … Continue reading

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The Voice in Your Ear

The Voice in Your Ear I am the voice in your ear, your avatar that knows you inside and out and you know me, but perhaps…. you will never know me, never touch my hand brush my lips with yours … Continue reading

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More About The Poet

More About The Poet Now you know a bit more about this poet…. I have a cat and a black piano, a piano and cat are part of me.Both are important for my soul, for my need to touch, to … Continue reading

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A Blink & A Nod

A Blink & A Nod for Kravs I knew I still knew you.. 30 40 50 years… would be just a blink and a nod. I might have forgotten so much else, but you sang harmony with me and we … Continue reading

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