From Beyond


‘Diaphanous Muse’ (2013) by William Oxer

From Beyond

for Akoviani

Clear-eyed she channeled the universe in the middle of the night.
Sometimes it took a special beat, a certain hypnotic twist of wrist,
when the matrix door cracked open; only then… she could begin.

Music, like manna, had to fall to her ears, loop her into ecstasy.
Feverishly and unconsciously each note turned into stars and scribbled nebulas;
whoever started the wheel rolling, she just kept it going.

If she thought at all, the process she rode, would let her fall.
White -outing her mind, she swayed, to let the letters play in the rain.
Mouth tilted to the sky, she swallowed a poem whole…until, out it flowed.

Not every composition held her kind of verse inside, or made her sigh.
Not every creative vessel, was her magic flute, her juicy fruit.
Not every sheet of music, uncovered her muse, and coaxed her into dance.

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10 Responses to From Beyond

  1. daleinnis says:

    Love these creative insights into the creative process itself!

    Who, indeed, starts the wheel rolling?


  2. ronald174 says:

    Once again you are capturing lightning in a bottle! “Channeling the Universe in the middle of the night!” You are describing the indescribable. I can see your creative muse painting words to the musical tune. And it does! I have found musical magic stimulates all kinds of other magic. I need my favorite music to design electronic circuits. I can see components dancing into their proper place at an intuitive level-you design with words-with feelings-with experiences-with hopes, fears, and some sadness along for the ride. That is the train car of life rolling unevenly along the tracks of the world. Music is a magic elixir that can elevate that train car and energize your flow of brilliance.


    • Thank you Ron…as always, what a great comment…First of all love the expression, “lightning in a bottle”..that is some image! This poem was born from a new single of Akoviani’s, on which I also recite a part of a poem by Rumi. The piece is beautiful, other-wordly, and hypnotic. It is not yet released, so as soon as it is, I will post it here, but believe me(and not because I am on it ) It is a powerful and compelling piece, and kept me up all night until this poem flowed into existence. Thank you for your beautiful reflections on my poetry.They have the power to inspire me to more:)


  3. Odracir says:

    Oh, I love the description here. Channeling the universe. A self-aware instrument resonating to the music and words flowing through, becoming one with the creative process, and no doubt adding a little from your own muse… overtones to the final composition.


  4. Odracir! Such a great surprise to find you here:) Thank you for finding my home:) I really love your description..’a self-aware instrument’..Believe me, when you hear his piece, you will be inspired to dance, or code or just anything!:) Stay tuned and thank you again for your comment!


  5. Oh my, it is so surreal and at the same time so visually stunning! And so true, cause music really is manna for the ears and sometimes inspiring, if it is the right music.
    And so poems inspire music and music inspires poems inspire pictures inspire stories inspire music inspires poems. Its a great mandala of arts and for artists.


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