Akoviani”Guide From Beyond” with Karima

Well…this is the music that inspired my latest poem,”From Beyond” I am so very proud to be part of it and that Akoviani chose me to read excerpts from this beautiful Rumi poem. It’s hard to be objective about something you are also involved in, but for me, this piece should be heard by thousands, not hundreds. Please listen to it on YouTube and leave LIKES and comments there and here. Let’s help Akoviani get this amazing and inspiring piece of music out to the world. Pass it on, share it on fb and Twitter and let’s get “Guide From Beyond”  to be heard everywhere. The message and the music are truly healing and magical….let yourself be taken by it. A good headset is my recommendation for listening to it… Don’t forget that:) Akoviani is in Romania and I am in Costa Rica..and here we are together:) For those interested in how we met, please see the post, “Catharsis and Serendipity” Help spread the word and let Akoviani know what you think of it.

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19 Responses to Akoviani”Guide From Beyond” with Karima

  1. Thats sooooo AWESOME, Karima! I think now anyone understands how this inspired you to write your great poem.


  2. Awww big Hugs Nat.and thank you!! You made me smile ear to ear:)


  3. lunabranwen3 says:

    This is surely timeless, Karima! I’ve listened to it several times today, along with more of Akiovani’s music. What a great coming together between you two. Thank you for making sure I had this in my day today. Your voice, Rumi, and Akiovani’s music are perfectly suited for one another. Hubs enjoyed it too, and I have shared it on FB and with other friends. Great for Summer time! Hope filled and joyous!


    • Oh Luna, thank you so much for this comment and for sharing it too. You know me, when I get excited about something (Remember The Combo Style?) I just want everyone to at least get a chance to hear it and make up their own mind. Yes, Akoviani is a special talent and a very humble and spiritual soul too. As you remember , he did the music on “Unmindful” and that is how we met..and then began to collaborate. Tell your Hubs, I applaud his good taste. I will pass this comment on to Akoviani..I agree with you..great for driving those summer night highways:) big HUGS and much appreciation for your support Luna:)


  4. Odracir says:

    Absolutely entrancing. Thank you Karima for lending your voice to this gorgeous collaboration. I can’t stop listening to it.


  5. I am taking the liberty to copy Tutsy’s comment under this post, as it was posted under “Catharsis and Serendipity”
    tutsy says:
    July 1, 2017 at 2:28 am (Edit)

    Superb musical poem I like very much. Bravo both of you Karima


  6. Thank you Tutsy for listening and your positive comment.:)


  7. ronald174 says:

    Stunning collaboration! Just stunning. This is so beautiful and so dense. It is beyond Middle eastern in flavor. It is timeless-placeless. It sounds like where humanity can learn to be ascendant. This is great music to meditate with. And on. The act and courage to invite all the “undesirable human traits” with a smile and a welcome. Transcendent. This work is truly “lightning in a bottle!” Beautifully done Karima, Akoviani, and Rumi. Truly a fine work!


  8. Thank you so much Ron, you have a wonderful gift of words and you find just the right ones too. Even though I was part of this project, I can appreciate it from an “outside” point of view..and the first time, Akoviani showed it to me…I got chills and my hair stood on end. Rumi was one of our great philosophers who went beyond, Islam, Sufism,and as you say Time and Place. His wisdom is so deep and so simple..”the chick pea trying to leap out of the pot,” is one of my favorites. Akoviani had the idea to put his words to this multi cultural, multi-feeling music…and it worked! It worked beautifully. Thanks again for your support. I will pass on this comment to Akoviani:)


    • ronald174 says:

      Hi again Karima, I was thinking about your work last night. I understand why your hair stood up. I think timeless in a literal sense. The sounds-the chanter-your words echo from a far time back to forwards as far as I can see. It left me with the impression of energy that was the beginning of time. Of import. Of vibrations from creation to end of time. More than just human race. Of the planet Earth. It resonated with sounds and meaning of the universe. A language way too complex for me to decipher. But there it was. Truly truly lightning in a bottle! This is extraordinary! How is this possible?


      • How is this possible? The only word that comes to my mind is “magic” That sort of unexplained but deeply moving “thing” that happens when everything just lines up for a moment. It feels very unplanned..and no matter how much you record, or redo, you really can never “plan it” it just is…it just happens. All we can do is marvel and be grateful for the experience. It’s something to do with chemistry, timing… and you tap into something much bigger than yourself..and boom “Magic!” 🙂 Your comments are so stimulating Ron..This is why, for me, the blog format (although a dying breed when pitted against facebook:) allows us to really share ideas…not just “click” leave a Like and move on down to the next in your feed:) Thank you again for leaving this new one.. It has gotten me thinking again too:)


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  10. Maria Vought says:

    Oh my gosh sis, I absolutely love this piece, it made my skin tingle and I’m now hunting down more of Akanviani’s work. I hope you two do more together and share with the world.


    • Big Hugs Sis..that was my first reaction when I heard it too..(the male voice that chants right after I speak..is sooo timeless and beautiful.) Thanks Sis!! I am hoping for the same:)


  11. Hoyt Heron says:

    The Voice!!! Strikes yet again. And brings her magnificent prose along for the ride. And now matched with the splendid sound of Akoviani. The two of you have reached across half of the globe to do this! Truly magical!


  12. Hoyt Heron says:

    I hope I am forgiven for giving Karima credit for Rumi’s creation, but this shows what high esteem I place on Karima’s creative abilities, as anyone who has followed her will agree.


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