Lawn Candy


Frustrated saliva, like bitter leaves…

Lawn Candy

 My Ridgeback stalks the front lawn.
Stands on point,
I sit back to empathize

Squirrels are Hershey bars
that temptingly zoom out of reach.
We have not eaten sweets in a month

Their tails dangling tauntingly,
furry Eskimo Pies,
chocolate side down,
the sticks in the air.

Why talk about cruelty
or the bloody shame?
They are just a pair of creamy whims
that fly and tease a meter overhead.

So marshmellowy,
our stomachs rumble.
We run behind,
leaping up into low branches..
Now we’re falling,
open paws, empty-handed.
Frustrated saliva, like bitter leaves
nothing left to do but woof

Karima Hoisan
2005 Costa Rica






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7 Responses to Lawn Candy

  1. This one is an old one for my poetic Sis Suzanne who requested it specifically. Enjoy!


  2. daleinnis says:

    Haha, woof! Those naughty scampering desserts… A great moment of empathy.


  3. Suzanne Walker says:

    Thank you, I absolutely love it! Made my day!


  4. Steve Rogers says:

    What an original idea! I’m smiling.


  5. Reblogged this on Wanderlusts Of A Bohemian Princess and commented:
    Cute 🙂


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