Zwischen Nacht und Nirgendwo

“Zwischen Nacht und Nirgendwo”
“Between Night and Nowhere”

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Photo by Natascha

This phrase came from a fever dream Natascha had, while being quite ill and when she told me about it, all the lights of inspiration went blinking off in my head. I found the phrase intriguing, compelling and more than that, I found it challenging as well as inspiring.

After she described the whole dream, seeing her father again, asking him questions, in a garden of her childhood, I was inspired to write this poem for her…but not until, I too had an image to join with hers, one of my country, Costa Rica, in the time of burning off the cane. I saw in my mind, that we were riding through a smokey, hazy rural landscape, that is very representative of my Costa Rica, in the month of March; the heat of the burning fields was in harmony with her burning fever. You can read the poem here, from my original blog post about just the poem I posted in March. From Nat’s dream, it became this poem, and like magic, my 15th world on Kitely – Virtual Worlds on Demand was born!

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The Beginning: That magic stage when all is possible  

I invite you to listen to the poem recited to some slow roadster traveling Blues:)
Between The Night and Nowhere by Karima
If you follow the instructions on the notecard, inworld, you should hear this playing on your media stream, when you set off to tour.
I had to stop myself from taking too many pictures:) On the one hand I don’t want to spoil anything for those Hyper-gridders, who actually make it to this world, but on the other hand, I know many of you might not come, because you have yet to experience the wonders of Opensim and the Hypergrid that connects us all. Let this world then, be your introduction!
The NPC chauffeur is mild-mannerd, mostly competent and keeps his eyes on the road!
6Screen Shot 2018-04-14 at 5.32.32 PM copy
The main hacienda house and courtyard passes by…
Up and up we go…..


Photo by Natascha of a part of her build

Snapshot_003 2

When the chauffeur drops you off, you are encouraged to see the rest of the build on horseback. You can copy and ride one and take it with you. Once again, I applaud the  act of sharing that we find in Opensim. What was shared with me, I will share with you…
If you keep following the road and signs you will discover both Nat’s dream build and mine right after. Both are very different and yet, they combine and harmonize at the summit of between the night and nowhere.

10 Zwa

Photo by Natascha

I want to thank Dale Innis, once again, for being such an excellent virtual building partner and scripter, and to get our roadster to actually climb up and down instead of horizontally or vertically plowing through the mountain pass or taking us upside down and underground like it wanted to do at first…see photo:
1st tour_001.jpg
I want to thank all the world builders on the Hypergrid, who make such amazing stuff and allow us scavengers to pick and choose and take home with us in our suitcases, so many wonderful treasures to be recycled again and again in creative ways.

Last and most importantly, I want to thank my film partner and creative twin, Natascha Randt, for having such a cool and amazing dream. This is a real first for me…that someone else’s dream, could inspire me to go crazy and create a world where it could be showcased. Nat did a really incredible job, building and bringing this dream and installation alive. I just swirled a world around it and made a way to get to it…:) In the end…the two of us built our fantasies, Zwischen Nacht und Nirgendwo.

Come experience it for yourselves. Here is the world page from Kitely, which will tell you how to get there and what to do, when you arrive:)
I hope those who have seen it, will make a few short comments here, on my blog, of your impressions.
If you would enjoy a guided tour (with me or with Nat) just contact us and let us know:)



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17 Responses to Zwischen Nacht und Nirgendwo

  1. Joey says:

    I visitited your beautiful dream(s)world two days ago, but couldn’t hear your poem or music, which is a shame, now that I listened to it here! I took my time riding on horseback, reaching those intruiging dream spots and exploring a little more of this world. The details! The composition of it all. It’s beautiful. And now that I listened to you reading the poem and the music that complements it all – it’s mesmerizing!

    Congratulations to you and Nat for this new piece of collaborative art! There’s no denying it — I’m a fan 😀


    • Hi Joey, thanks sooo much for being “a fan” 🙂 I’m sorry you couldn’t hear the poem and music when you were touring. It’s on the land media stream, and that doesn’t seem to work for everyone right away… have to go back…because Nat’s part wasn’t finished when you visited…and yesterday she put the cherry on top so to speak: It’s really wonderful, and worth a 2nd visit too:) I appreciate you leaving your comment. It’s always great to know if people enjoy what we enjoyed making. Big Hugs!!


  2. Holy Moly, Karima! You built a stunning scenery on two stages. It is more than wonderful and I think all who will visit, will get a bit of how it is to live in Costa Rica.
    The landscape, the grass, the horses, the clouds, allt eh details…it is nearly the perfect immersion, without having 3D glasses. So peaceful and pastoral. The smoke over the burning fields…you can nearly smell it.
    And the tour is amazing, especially when it goes up to the next level. So cool sitting in that car, watching all the great little details. And then up…sooo cool! You and Dale did a wonderful job!
    And riding on a horse visiting all the places is unforgettable.
    But, but, thats only half the battle.
    Entering the very very different second stage, where wonders are all around, weird and strange and miraculous. Wow!!
    Your 15th world is a wonderful mixture of reality and imagination and I am a bit proud that my dream was the initial ignition of your, lets say, to stay in the picture:), creative explosion.
    And of being a part of it with the recreation of my fever dream.


    • Wow Natskers…such a great comment!! I’m glad you let yourself just take the tour and immerse yourself in the ride:) I am still in wonder, how this world came about…your dream dropped on me and went off like a bomb in my imagination…As I said in the post, this is a true first for me..and without more details, I found your build to be very evocative and emotional..The perfect combination of order and even realism, that trigger deep feelings that well up when you find yourself part of it. I agree, it is a very cool mixture of the real and the surreal and well…I am so glad you had that fever dream (but even gladder you got better:) and I think we proved to ourselves here..that with you and I, the connection is not just about producing machinimas; it’s about creating anything we put our minds to:) I don’t call you my creative twin lightly…you really are!! Big Big HUGS Nat…Onward we go:)


  3. Steve Rogers says:

    I visited with you the other day and, as you know, I was very impressed. I think it is the most immersive and magical world you guys have created yet. It really gives the feeling of being in a dream, with the odd changes of environment and yet each place feels extremely real. Thank you for all the hard work!


    • Thanks so much for leaving your comment Steve. I think you might have been our first visitor after completion:) That makes all of us feel really great, to know you felt immersed and enjoyed the experience…It was a true labor of love, this world, and so nice to share it with people who allow themselves to fall into its unique virtuality. Big Hugs!


  4. daleinnis says:

    Amazing as always. 🙂 The overall amazing thing is that you can produce so many brand-new worlds, without repeating yourself; I’ve never thought “Nice, but it’s a lot like the one four worlds back”…


    • Thanks Dale for your comment! Yes, and this world and the movie/slide show it produced is something very unique for me personally and for Randt & Hoisan collectively. It’s like I gifted a poem to Nat, because of a dream she had, but then…asked her if she would please recreate it:) Was a big ask….but she did such a great job in bringing her dream alive and very public for all to see. Thank you of course, for making our Roadster hit the road and do it in such style:) Your scripts proved invaluable as they always do:)


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  7. Timber Wolfe says:

    This is a very cool sim build, the landscaping is very cohesive and logical. Always on the lookout for horses, trees, plants I don’t have already, and interesting freebies when I travel, I found some I can use, thanks a lot!
    The sim kind of reminds me of one of the “Far Away” platforms by AM Radio in SL too.


    • Hi Timber, thanks so much for vising my blog and leaving your positive impressions of our build. I am not sure if you saw the little movie we made on it too..on YouTube. (Link above) I am glad you found some things worth taking home with you..I have found so many things on the hypergrid, and I am always struck by the generosity of the creators and builders in Opensim.. Please feel free to visit some more of my worlds..Creation is the newest and a fun one too:) Your comments and impressions are very appreciated:)


      • Timber Wolfe says:

        Sure thing Karima!
        I did see the movie and some posts about the sim which was how I found it.
        Yes, when I travel I like to bring home souvenir reminders of my trip, just like we do in RL on vacation!
        I will take a look at Creation and see what it looks like!


  8. Timber Wolfe says:

    Oh boy Karima, “Creation” is absolutely very cool, I took the ride twice, now that was interesting! very artistic! It reminded me of a woman in SL years ago who was featured by SL and she had a sim with multi colored boxes and tunnels you moved thru.
    Its after 2 am here, so I’m out, but that was fantastic!


  9. Timber Wolfe says:

    I posted the url in the new Friendica node we are working on that we will use to replace Google plus groups when it goes down in 2019,


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