Our Latest Movie!

Hi everyone,
Hope you will enjoy this, our 26th collaboration:
Its a very different style for us, to showcase Nat’s gorgeous photography.
Please see her blog for much more background and my past posts:Here is the poem:

Here is the movie and Nat’s post below: Have fun:)
Use Google if you don’t speak German. Well-worth translating
Nats’ Post

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3 Responses to Our Latest Movie!

  1. Joey says:

    So beautiful, Karima! Nat had already hinted to me that it would be sort of a collage of film and photos. The outcome exceeds my expectations (which are always high with you guys 😉 ) by far 🙂 Love it very much!


  2. Quite an enjoyable immersion in the shared dream, so well done I had to be reminded it was photos AND machinima (or is the other way around?). Your collaborative productions are a feast to all the senses, as well as always leaving food for thought (smiles). It is especially beautiful to witness the various talents combined that make your films an endearing experience – bows in reverence to the entire crew!

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