All That Lost Time

  All That Lost Time

Press my forehead in the sand like days gone by.
Let it swallow me and all my memories tonight.
Do I contemplate the stars, or are they contemplating me?
Standing in the chilly wind; the desert hills stretch endlessly.

It seems that Time has stopped and started all around me
Nothing’s changed and yet nothing is the same.
All the children, grown, some have careers, some moved away
Like strangers who I’ve loved for years, and yet, do not know them today.

If I could drag two regions, and make them one like we can in virtual worlds,
Request this move, from the powers that be, so that they now border each other,
I would join Costa Rica to the Jordan Valley and cross back and forth unencumbered
and not allow nine years to pass, all that lost time, that can never be recovered.

Karima Hoisan
June 1, 2018
Karak Jordan


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12 Responses to All That Lost Time

  1. Aww Karima, I know that feeling so well and I love how your words paint pictures in my mind.
    And if I could turn back times, sometimes I think it is a great idea to do so.
    But then I think it is the past that make us who we are and what we think and that we can think of all the good and bad times we experienced.
    These melancholic-nostalgic thoughts are good for the our souls and minds. At last they remind us to live now and here and and to enjoy the time with our friends and families and at the same time not to forget all the gems of our past.
    Big Hugs!


    • Thanks Nat, for your very nice comment! Yes, you are right the past makes us who we are today…I just sometimes dream it would be so wonderful, if like Dale says, we could just move from place to place faster, cheaper, and more a direct teleport:) Every minute is precious..and I agree we must live now, and keep allthose gems from the past in a treasure box of memories. Hugss


  2. daleinnis says:

    So poignant! And so beautifully expressed. If only we could move parts of the world around, or teleport at will to those beloved distant places…


  3. ronald174 says:

    Wistful, I think Natascha nailed it. Changes can be difficult to see-to embrace-to even understand. Time and tide move relentlessly forward. Yet, the accumulation of shifts is truly what forges us. Bruises and all. Knowledge and wisdom do come at a price. Sometimes a stiff price. So many experiences. So many feelings paint across our experience. I think we can fuse different worlds and values-in our personal thoughts and how we work with others. The desert will always be there in part. Lush valleys always in part. This is the complexity of our experience and treatment of others. This is the material of creative ideas, people, religions, of philosophies. I think artists and writers push a little further into the stew of experience. This is why your work is profound. and uncomfortable and satisfying. And inspirational for others. Like all good artists!


    • Thank you so much Ron…you have such a gift seeing so deeply in just a few verses. The desert and the tropics are polar opposites and yet they share many of the same things…good people, love of community, and beautiful views of the diversity of our planet. Always hard to leave one for the other, always wonderful to be where I am:) I feel very blessed that I can experience both..This year was a very special gift, to find myself here after so much time, celebrating Ramadan. If you remember, last year, I wrote the poem, “Paper Thin” and dedicated it to you, in a reading. This year, I feel full and part of it all…


  4. Toni Maira says:

    I can honestly say i know EXACTLY how you feel. Love and miss you everyday of my life .


  5. Toni Maira says:

    I can honestly say i know EXACTLY how you feel. Love and miss you everyday of my life .
    Sometimes the lyric of an old song or a dream of times past bring a tear to my eyes and i remember long conversations over coffee and Gino making me feel so warm and comfortable in your livingroom. I think of all the dancing!!! And writing down dreams first thing in the morning on the phone. Dickey Doright! Dan and Uncle Patty.
    Then the horses!! All the glorious rides!


  6. I have a million memories too of the old days and so many have to do with you:) But when I think of you, I think of our glorious midnight rides, and that maybe is one of the most special moments I have shared with anyone in my lifetime.. Thank you so much for coming to my Second Life Blog, and bringing me back so many memories:) Big Hugs Tones..Forever!


  7. Hoyt Heron says:

    Awww Karima…So well said. Twould be one of the greatest gifts to be able to drag the continents and years together and wrap ourselves around them and hold on tight! I love this!!!


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