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One Cup

                                        The Painting”One Cup” by Dale Innis Please click play to hear me recite my poem to music For My Family in Jordan … Continue reading

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The Home Cruise

                                                         Photo taken by me in Karak Jordan The Home Cruise <<*>> Reclining on a pinkish sandstone balcony It is now our family ship In the windy night. Under blankets, sipping tea, Our head-scarves billow out like sails As we … Continue reading

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Short Prose Poetry Contest – Honorable Mention

Karima Hoisan, inspired by Sahara,The Stars of Wadi Rum author’s site After the devoured lamblicking our fingers clean2 million stars of Wadi Rumpulling our eyesup to the skyYou hooked my little pinkiewith yoursas we lay in the sandhearing the adolescent boyplaying … Continue reading

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Switching Places

You taught me to read between your lines right from the start. “It’s not what I do it’s what I say, It’s not what I say, It’s what lies beneath.” I translated you for your family who barely understood your … Continue reading

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The Last Hour of Light

I want to record the breeze in the afternoon… The last hour of light, sitting in the entry -way, shelling green hummus, eating them raw like peanuts, passing the black coffee around in a pink thermos, to half -fill tiny … Continue reading

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All That Lost Time

  All That Lost Time Press my forehead in the sand like days gone by. Let it swallow me and all my memories tonight. Do I contemplate the stars, or are they contemplating me? Standing in the chilly wind; the … Continue reading

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