Round n Round

Movie number 27 for Randt & Hoisan is our holiday offering for all our little group of friends and fans who enjoy our machinimas. If this one makes you happy (that is our hope) please feel free to share it. This is a Steampunk mother-daughter feel good movie inspired and powered by the most amazing kalimba piece, SaReGaMa’s Kalimba Solo para Lotus. It takes place in a lushly decorated Steampunk set, beautifully furnished an refurbished (The elevator was made from scratch) by Nat and her excellent set design. She also is my sweet-bratty little daughter “Natskies” who besides being adorable is a formidable bossy Director as always hehe)
I wrote the poem, inspired by the hypnotic music and almost a year later, we are finally witnessing its’ birth. I have to confess I do love this baby a lot..It is such a different project for us, and yet I hope you will agree, we did pull it off..
Full screen is best and HD or Natskies might thumb her nose at you:) Comments and Likes on YouTube always welcome..
Happy Holidays!!


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16 Responses to Round n Round

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  2. Great blog post about our movie from Nat’s eyes.. Just Google Translate it and see her perspective too..Thanks Nat!!


  3. Nahid Khan says:

    Loved it! The music, lyrics everything is so different and somehow addictive. It just keeps you in a trance.
    Congratulations! 😊


  4. daleinnis says:

    Love this one! Story and voice, words and set and camerawork and all

    This feels like the introduction to a Steampunk feature film. Is she raising the child to be a superhero, a supervillain? Has she made a time-machine to go back, and now we see her raising herself?

    Round and round!


  5. Joey says:

    I commented over on yt and in Nat’s blog and really am so speechless, I wouldn’t know what else to say than this: It’s marvellous! Congrats on your 27th machinima! Hugs!


    • Awww thanks Joey! It took on a life of its own hehe:) That little Natskies is a very special star! (as well as everything else:) It was a really fun project to work on and once again I marvel at how smoothly it came together..So glad it delighted you!! Hugs

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  6. It is fabulous and it just flows with the inner vibrations. Beautiful piece of art and music.


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  8. Hoyt Heron says:

    Karima and Nat…
    You’ve done it again and your collaboration only gets better. This is brilliant! I love the poem, music and set. I’m amazed with you ability to collect all those different scenes, and fuse in the characters, words and music to create a symbiotic masterpiece. Great work!

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  9. Maria Vought says:

    Loved this one sis – everything about it is wonderful, and I was left with a feeling that in the end, no matter where we are on our journey through life, there is that insistent bouncy little rhythm reminding us of the wonder all around us.

    Thank you xx


    • Aww thanks Sis! It was a fun one to make too, and so glad it uplifted you. Yes it’s amazing how many things go round and round from the microcosm to the macrocosm….and everything in between. That wonderful kalimba piece made me think about it all:):) HUGS


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