The Fox Bay Theater

Fox_Bay 2
The Fox Bay Theater
for T.F.
*I couldn’t resist…I recorded this poem to David Lynch’s “Pretty 50’s” song.
Click and Enjoy!

Just when I thought it had blown
had blown away ,
like leaves from last year’s autumn trees,
I am reminded to never doubt the lasting power
of one innocent kiss pressed to my lips,
with just a hint of awkwardness,
mixed capriciously with fire.
I might forget all else along my disintegrating path,
but never that hard brick wall against my back,
a vertical bed of convenience and desire,
behind a Midwest picture show,
your leather jacket, my camel hair coat,
our boots crunching and trampling down, the snow,
each visible breath like whispered smoke rings,
where you pressed your lips to mine,
electric shocking me forever in time.
to the aching pleasure…of love’s first awakenings.

Karima Hoisan
February 5, 2019
Costa Rica


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13 Responses to The Fox Bay Theater

  1. daleinnis says:

    Mmmmm, wow 🙂 Those first kisses, so awkward and tentative but so meaningful. Beautifully expressed, as always. The kind of thing we remember forever.

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  2. Very beautifully expressed, the first kisses the beginning of something wonderful and true. The electricity passing through both to ignite the passion.

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  3. Smiles big, Yes, you know this truth personally, I can tell:) Thank you again!

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  4. Rob Steenhorst says:

    Thank you for the sending me this. The text is gentle meandering around almost obvious, daily melancholy getting broken by a kiss.

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    • Thank you Rob, for your very interesting view of this poem. Yes, actually my mundane day was interrupted by a memory brought back to me, after so many years, because the boy in the poem, made contact with me out of the blue:)

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  5. ronald174 says:

    Ahhh…the first kiss. It was frightening and magical and a brave act from an introvert (me). You express yourself so soulfully. You capture that rapture and terror. Yes, time stopped. I wasn’t quite ready for the sizzle that just exploded. I am sure James Bond would have been way smoother than I. But you capture the electricity of the moment!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aww thank you Ronald…I attempted to do that..but it’s not so easy as it really is a mix of emotions synthesized into an electric second:) So glad you enjoyed my attempt at describing that moment in my poem.


  6. Karima, I thoroughly enjoy my visits here to your wonderful, marvelous blog! Your writing is first rate!

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