SwimmingPool 2.jpg


This body of water was so much more than a liquid luxury,
blue when the sky was blue, the clouds floated on its surface…
the reflections of the sun, coated branches of a tree, in vibrating…
illuminating points and shadows of fantasy, when the light was right.

It sustained every heavy thought, of mine when I floated arms stretched.
It made me let go of them all and be buoyant and happy like the ripples…
that blew in on subtle currents, carrying a beach ball right to my side whispering,
“it will be alright,” before it moved away in a capricious change of mind and wind.

You made my heart race when I challenged your length, made my soul flow into your
aquamarine waves, the constant hum of the water being purified, in a cleansing loop…
the hypnotic ritual and pact we agreed upon, each and every time I swam in you.
You were a loyal ear, a wise philosopher; when I sought you out, you enveloped me.

Now you’re drained, your water has disappeared into the hard earth, the dry noon sun.

This gaping white cement hole, is like a death, a tomb left open for all to see and ponder.
The ball sits on the grass inert and paralyzed, while I contemplate this loss of what…
you are for me and in how many ways I know how much I’ll miss you, until your return.

Karima Hoisan
March 27th 2019
Costa Rica


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12 Responses to Pool

  1. Lve being in water it is so exhilerating.

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  2. ronald174 says:

    Your thoughtful use of words and phrases and ideas to describe the ordinary of life most miss or ignore. A tableaux as simple as a drained concrete pool can summon memories and impressions. The beach ball alone in empty bottom with the weeds growing around it-bleak yet poignant. You hold a picture in your hand and can see a living, dynamic Earth. This is your magic!

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    • Thank you Ronald..Yes a beach ball that always floated, teased and glided playfully, now inert on the bottom, or shoved off into the grass, is about how I felt, when I saw it drained.
      Thank you for appreciating the brand of magic, my poetry muse, invites me to do:) Your comments are always so thoughtful and very inspiring to me,


  3. In a word, Karima, gorgeous!!

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  4. Hoyt says:

    Awww!! I can totally relate to the emptiness of your pool as the sun and clouds look down from above. As if a dear friend has gone away without a sign of return. I promise I will never take another lap for granted Ruca!

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  5. You know how to paint a scene with words! And you always bring the emotions to the surface!

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    • Thanks so much Benjamin…this funny pool was always more than a body of water…it was for me a great place to allow ideas flow through my head…many that later on, actually became poems.


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