After The After-Sunset Reading at Circe’s

singng in the rain2849

I’m singin in the rain…by Sannie

Well, last night’s full moon reading brought out my playfulness, and a few times I almost burst into song..but I caught myself and continued reciting my poetry as only a vampire can:) What fun I had..and I hope my audience, who did all leave a pint lighter after the show’s blood drive, enjoyed it too:)

Ladies and gentleman Lend Me Your Bloodd411 2.jpg

Here I am,  putting on some high pressure motivation for donations after the show – by Sannie

Blood letting (now and then..and measured) lightens the spirit and removes toxins too…
It’s just another cleanse really;) but I digress…what a potent full moon we had…A few times I had to cast a spell, so people thought it was really daytime..(silly mortals)


Even though the audience was lost in a swamp at night…  foto by Sannie

With just a bit more spell casting (2nd level heavy stuff…)
They thought they were in like.. Candy Land at midday..muwaahaahaa  -foto by Sannie

Thisb5d411 copy

“Oh it’s soo bright and pretty”(muahaha)  foto by Sannie

By that time, I had most swept up into the current of my non-stop runaway poetry hour..
and I could just relax into my presentation and float my words on the notes.. I was most pleased with this one, as in a moment of weakness, I gave away a vampire secret.. You will have to listen to the recording to find out that shocking little tidbit:)

Has a heartf

Even a Vampire has a …..whaaat?   foto by Sannie


Candlelight becomes me….muahaha


Counts them….Luna! Stranger! Menu! Tubeguy! Dale!…..)  foto by Sannie

Here are a few more from Sannie’s clever camera and then I will add all the others taken by my lovely assitant, Dale Innis:)


Two Tornados charging me electrically!!  foto by Sannie



Dragonfly and Embroidered Flower Power!  -foto by Sannue


The Thrill of Applause:)  – foto by Dale


Sometimes we make them pets, and make them wear funny hats for Halloween….Foto by Dale


I drew an International muti-species audience   foto by Dale


Checks her watch…it’s sunrise soon  time for me to go     foto-by Sannie

For Those of you who could not make it to the reading , I include the recording you can stream or download and listen at your leisure..Thank you all who did come..It was a wonderful Full Moon magical night!
Recording of Circe’s Reading click HERE

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11 Responses to After The After-Sunset Reading at Circe’s

  1. daleinnis says:

    It was a great time (as always). I’m sure the audience will remember to drink extra fluids for the next two days! 🙂

    Great poems, too; nice to have the recording there to hear them again.

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  2. Was a a great reading! But now I feel a bit anemic:)

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  3. ronald174 says:

    It was a terrific reading! Nice crowd. You did some of your greatest recent works. Your work is so deep and haunting-the readings seem to blur by as I get lost in where you take our heads to. Fine, fine reading. Very good!

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  4. Karima, simply fabulous!!

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  5. The pleasure would be mine Lance:)


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