My Twilight State


Twenty-Twenty Surgery
Oil on canvas, 30 inches by 40 inches 
By Nicola Quatrano

In my twilight state, I am not asleep, yet not awake
I am being taken by the hand..a sharp prick to my vein
I relax in the neon room of white walls and my gown for this ball
Is a surgical green and all the other guests are dressed in pale blue
with masks yet we all nod to each other politely to say how do you do?

The room is noisy with voices and conversation and I can eavesdrop if I want…
but at this moment..I want nothing more than to
watch the beautiful display
that my optic nerve has prepared for me,
as it goes to sleep, numb and throwing off patterns, memories..creating scenes: Damasks of deep blue-green…..How very lovely to be here, in this state I am thinking. Why was I ever afraid to cross the threshold?

Then someone pours, in slow motion a pitcher of coffee and cream down a gray wall..
That gets my attention and I think how could such drab colors be so lovely together?
How could I be hearing the voices say things, and not be that interested..well maybe just a little..”In 25 years I have not seen this ever” is one I remember, but then the slowly undulating stream of coffee and cream moving down the inside of my eyelids..calls once again to me…to pay attention.

Bright laser bright blue with white echoing circles..flashing and changing hue
I want to say there seems to be lots of cheerful banter..I think, I am pretty quick too, but when I open my mouth to speak out…. my turn…my mouth is covered in heavy layers and… Oh, I get it..”Oh no one wants to hear from me” and I am not offended or scared.
I accept everything!

The moving rivers of color now brighter than before, snap me back
I am a captive audience of one..maybe even tied down to the bed, but none of this is important at all..
Beautiful artistic scenery, my mind is creating (I do know it’s me) and so entertaining to the very last second..
Please sit up now.. OK..I feel great. How was your eye surgery? Someone in the waiting room asks me…Oh my, I reply euphorically…my eyes bright as a child’s on Christmas day…

It was soo wonderful!!”

Karima Hoisan
Nov.1 2019
Costa Rica


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18 Responses to My Twilight State

  1. daleinnis says:

    That is the best possible attitude! To take beauty (and even make a poem!) out of surgery. So easy to sit up and say “urgh I am sore and things hurt and the anaesthetic is making me sick”. Or if we are open to things, it was a wonderful show! So beautifully expressed, an excellent reminder.

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  2. Joey says:

    So wonderful indeed–you almost make me want to try it, too 🙂 Beautiful as ever, dear Karima! I am not going to say ‘get well’ for I feel you are. So. heal well, fast! Hugsss, Joey

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  3. That’s the most poetic paraphrase of a surgery ever.

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  4. ronald174 says:

    Well that is quite amazing! You can really describe the bizarre thoughts and perceptions of surgery and potions given to numb pain. Pretty weird stuff! You certainly describe the indescribable. Hope the surgery went well for you and helped! The light show was just a bonus. Your word sculptures do take us into your experience!

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    • Thanks so much Ron…my surgery did go well alhamdulillah..and if all goes well I will ride that Twilight Train again after the first of the year for the other eye..(not cataracts btw).Hope the light show compares well with the first:)

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  5. Karima, you have an exceptional Positive Mental Attitude which graciously touches countless lives!

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  6. Luna Branwen says:

    So happy to read this, to see this, to hear this, to know! I’ve been thinking of you all week, and am so glad! What a beautiful way to convey what your experience has been! Much love, Kari! xoxo

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  7. Hoyt Heron says:

    Awwww. Miss Karima…Only you could pull off articulately describing a twilight state while at the same time getting surgery. They should post this in hospitals, to ease the angst of those getting this type of surgery. Excellent piece! And….all that love you are glad it went well!

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  8. dessertflower5 says:

    You style of writing is very different. I like it.

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