Painless Purple


Stopped in place because… the pain
now takes a solo through the days.
Everything is in movement, but me;
I stay inert, quiet, nothing hurts inert,
no grinding my bones on my bones.

If I just breathe quietly and watch the sunlight
bouncing off my crystal shiny things,
that hang in my window to entertain me…
rainbowing along my walls like prism rockets,
invading my ceiling with reds and oranges yellows and blues
Painless Purple!.
IMG_0307 2

Then so am I, as I go mesmerized ,
by streamers blowing in gusts of wind,
 rocking boughs of the trees, shimmying their leaves in the background.
I might almost be approaching meditation.. while the world is so busy around me.
Footsteps taking someone somewhere to do something,
I do nothing, but glaze my eyes on beauty, breathe softly, avoid movement.
 I, the static statue that dreams of running in the woods, skipping down the jungle paths, a graceful leaping gazelle, with not a care in the world…
And no pain.

Karima Hoisan
April 19,2020
Costa Rica



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17 Responses to Painless Purple

  1. daleinnis says:

    Beautifully put! Pain, ongoing pain, is such stress and challenge to every part of us.

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  2. menubar says:

    I sure know pain. Feel better soon, buddeh. Take time to relax and be comfortable.

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  3. Get well soon!
    Big HUGSSSS!

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  4. Joey says:

    Get well soon! Hugsss ❤

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  5. Karima, the beauty of tranquility, whenever one can afford it… there is always hope, which you bring to so many through your uplifting and inspirational writings. Blessings, my friend.

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  6. Karima, this is beautiful.

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  7. Wow! I really like how you turned rainbow into a verb (“rainbowing”). That’s creativity; language is still evolving, and things like this really catch my eye.

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    • Thank Benjamin…prisms especially do go “rainbowing” in a breeze.. I read your about the poet..You and I have something in common..something always there but does not define us…this poem eludes to that..:) Interesting..

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      • You’re welcome. It’s a really distinct and fresh phrasing. And that’s a very interesting commonality to point out, indeed. Perhaps it’s in part a poet/writer thing as well. Artists tend to see the world in a similar yet different way. But I’m glad to have things in common with you. I do feel a very strong poetical connection to your words. Happy I came across your blog! Wishing you a fantastic rest of your day!!!

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  8. Yes, although I refuse to be defined by it..I most certainly think it has added to my being a poet and the desire to write and create. I am sure there is a direct correlation:) This chance meeting has been wonderful for me too. I will have more time to explore all your writings soon and I look forward to more discussion and easy friendship, and this inspirational back and forth..we have been lucky enough to be doing. I wish you a good day too and may your creativity always flow through you! ✨


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