Cool Moon

Cool Moon

Cool moon… full and silver blue, shining through my window
What do you want with me tonight?
Will you make me cry for lost time and forgotten dreams
Or will you haunt my walls with other memories?

You play waiting games with me, using clouds as playful shields
To dim your luminescent light.
Then when I bravely reopen my eyes to stare into your face
You blind me once again, dissolving clouds without a trace.

I lay back on my bed pondering how you knew just where to find me?
Still awake and now hypnotized by your cool touch…
How you could take me by the hand and pull me out into the night,
Down forgotten paths so faraway, enveloped in your eerie light.

I want to thank you, but sometimes I just want to bind and blind my eyes.
I never asked to see it all again, this parade of loss and tears,
But although you keep me up all night you are so cosmically immune
So distant and uncaring; how very cruel you are at times… cool moon.

Karima Hoisan
June 20th 2020
Costa Rica

En Español
Luna Fresca

Luna fría … llena y azul plateado, brillando a través de mi ventana
¿Qué quieres conmigo esta noche?
¿Me harás llorar por el tiempo perdido y los sueños olvidados?
¿O perseguirás mis paredes con otros recuerdos?

Juegas juegos de espera conmigo, usando nubes como escudos juguetones
Para atenuar su luz luminiscente.
Luego, cuando valientemente vuelvo a abrir los ojos para mirarte a la cara
Me cegas una vez más, disolviendo nubes sin dejar rastro.

Me recosté en mi cama pensando cómo supiste este momento para encontrarme
todavía despierto y ahora hipnotizado por tu toque genial.
Cómo podrías tomarme de la mano y sacarme a la noche
Por caminos olvidados tan lejanos, envueltos en tu misterioso luz.

Quiero agradecerte, pero a veces solo quiero atar y cegar mis ojos
Nunca pedí verlo todo de nuevo, este desfile de pérdida y lágrimas,
Pero aunque me mantienes despierto toda la noche, eres tan inmune cósmicamente
Tan distante e indiferente; qué cruel eres a veces … luna fresca.


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5 Responses to Cool Moon

  1. daleinnis says:

    The muse is such a multi-faceted thing. Beautiful and evocative, again.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Karima, to read your work is as if one dipped their hands in magical waters and drank of your beautiful words.

    Liked by 1 person

    • What a gorgeous image…I wish I was a visual artist,I would paint it.:) drinking up the magic with our hands dipping into the waters that hold surprises even from the poet:) Thank you so much for your continuing and sincere support Lance. It means so much to me.

      Liked by 1 person

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