“Her Muse” by Jan Betts

Her Muse_Su Musa

“Her Muse” by Jan Betts – signed July 8th 2020

I am very excited to share this amazing painting by my dearest lifelong friend, Jan Betts.
This beautiful painting in acrylics on canvas,( 35 1/2″ x 25″ 92.71cm x 63.5cm ) is a gift she made for me as a symbol of our friendship that has spanned more years than we can count (or want to count:)
This gift is a true collaboration between us both, in that the vision we both brain-stormed, and the general theme, of portraying the muse, of Karima Hoisan The most iconic elements  that bind her to me and my real-life self, are captured in it.
Jan, as you can see in this piece, is a professional, world class artist, who has lived from her art for many decades. She put the brush to the canvas, but we collaborated on the subject, the elements and even  the colors. I told Jan, that I was certain we could work together and do it smoothly as:
1. We have been friends for years who don’t fight:)
2. I have learned the fine art of collaboration, by working the last 8 years so closely, with my video partner, Natascha Randt, who does the visual work to interpret my poems and our collective vision of how it should unfold… and we don’t fight:)
The artist, the brush on the canvas is all Jan, and her experience and her technique honed over the years, is so apparent in each stroke. I just wanted to honor my muse who has been  inspiring me over my entire lifetime…urging me on to write and write and is the true magical element behind anything I may have written well.
Jan has known me for a lifetime, her paintings over the years have inspired many poems of my own and started me off on the path of being an ekphrastic poet, one who is inspired by the visual arts and transforms the painted image into words. I have several large paintings of hers in my home, that I purchased over the years, and I treasure them.

“Her Muse”is a gift not only for an entire lifetime of loving wonderful friendship, but also as her way of saying “thank you” to me for inviting her to my home to let her recuperate last year for several months from an accident. This whole process of working together on this painting, I found amazing and very uplifting and exciting.
The main number one rule in artistic collaborations, is to just leave your ego outside before you begin. It makes no difference who thought up what, the final product should be something you both can feel proud of, feel the magic inside and just agree that, this is what you both worked for and now.. “It’s done”….. then, in this case, Jan signs it:)

Thank you Jan, words do not convey how much I love this painting and I hope my muse agrees:) as it is my gift to say to her how much I love her, need her and how grateful I am to have her in my life. I would not be a poet, or anything creative and artistic, without her:)
It will also daily remind me of how much I love you, Jan, and who we are and have always been for each other. Hugs you tight!
Thank you for this incredible gift!

To see more of Jan’s Art Please go to her website, JanBetts.com Click Here She is a visionary, mystical artist whose images are uplifting, and meditative as well as beautiful…Give a click on the link and dive in..


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16 Responses to “Her Muse” by Jan Betts

  1. daleinnis says:

    That is wild and beautiful! You are definitely skilled at collaboration in all sorts of directions. And Jan has captured so many fascinating things so vividly; I get the feeling I haven’t spotted even half of them yet!

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    • Keep looking Dale:) I did forget to mention there is a little surprise somewhere..one that ties in nicely with this blog:):) I am so glad you love the finished painting..Jan is soooo good:):)


  2. DzinWiz Babii says:

    Drinks this in with my eyes… It is so…Incredibly BEAUTIFUL!! I know the finishing of the painting had to feel like a monumental moment (smiles). As I read your prose (aka praise), the words ‘Terms of Endearment’ echoed in my head. Dunno why, lol. The painting is more than a work of art and I absolutely love the mix of soulful warmth in the colors along with drama in the technique, and feeling of intrigue as we all attempt to interpret the gorgeous elements. I can only imagine the collaborative conversations that were had in it’s evolution. Raises a virtual glass of champagne (CLINKS)… superbly DONE!

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    • Thank you my sweet Diz (SiPo and you know what that stands for:) I love your comments as you know; they make me feel so happy to see that you also can see so easily through my eyes:) I agree with you, it is a mix of soulful warmth with surprise and even some hidden treasures if you look closely. Interestingly some of the symbols are very , how to say, over used in all forms of art, but ironically the raven represents Poe, the first poem I learned to memorize at 10 and then at 11, when my father died..I read all of Poe’s works from cover to cover and began seriously writing poetry at this age. I was a little only child Goth girl before Goth was invented hehe and I bet you don’t find that too hard to believe hee hee:) The butterfly…well that goes without saying…I will have him always close in this painting:) Thank you for your wonderful support since FOREVER:) and for celebrating this wonderful collaboration..This gift from Jan is such a treasure for me:) Just like you SiPo you are my treasure too:) HUGS!!


      • DzinWiz Babii says:

        Awwww… and just when I thought I knew nearly everything about you, you gift me another peek into your experiences! You’re right, I do not find it hard to believe you were Goth before it was a ‘thing’ (smiles) and, my heart squeezed when I read about when you first immersed yourself in Poe ((hugs)). You are also my treasure, Sissy Poo, always and forever!

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  3. Love you too Sis..and yes we should catch up on our life stories sometimes:):)


  4. This is from Menubar who forgot his WordPress password…º…º
    “Such a radiant painting. Everything gives off its own light. Amazing colors! Reminds me of the great master surrealist Abdul Mati Klarwein.”

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  5. I am struggeling with words to explain what I see, or better what I feel, looking at the painting. I mean, yes it is beauteous, magnificent and finest art and it really is. I love the colours and the atmosphere and oh my the hair and the cat’s fur and tthe eyes of the cat. The Raven so night blueish, the butterfly, the flowers … I could go on like this forever. It is so well done I cant describe.
    Jan is a magician with a brush.
    Don’t know if there’s an english term for that, but in German there is a difference between the words “sehen” and “schauen”. Not easy to explain but maybe its like this: You look at (ansehen) the painting or you percieve (anschauen) the painting.
    At the moment you perceive a the painting you KNOW! there’s more than meets the eye.
    I think that’s what Jan’s painting says to me: Discover, percieve, find out, let it speak to you.
    Jan and Karima, you both are so so gifted.
    The quill and the paintbrush.
    Every word and every brushstroke comes from deep of your heart and soul and
    you take us into lands we never seen and felt before.

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    • Thank you Nat for your comment on Her Muse..Yes I do know what you mean between seeing something and really Seeing something..letting it penetrate your senses, and stimulate your ideas etc.. As we say, some paintings actully pull you into them..Jan has this talent in her art. Everything is so real, and yet, like from a dream..as Menubart says, elements in this painting, shine with their own light. You mentioned the blue-black raven in the window.. Yes, i think that Is what her painting is saying, and as you know, many times, works of art take on a life of their own,,we have seen this several times in our collaborations:) There is an element, the vine wrapping around my arm, that neither of us discussed as to an inner meaning, and yes it has one for me personally..and it does represent my entire life’s history..but I think I will keep that my secret…As you say, different people will See different things in it..Thank you so much Nat for your wonderful appreciation all along the way of this unique process and collaboration that was complete when Jan signed her name:) A new kind of beautiful baby.. was born!!

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  6. Hoyt says:

    A beautiful masterpiece by Jan. I know that you inspire one another. Some of your writing has been inspired by her beautiful art. What are the chances that two brilliant artists live in the same small town and are good friends for years. Slim and none? You have something in common with another writer. Here is a Hemingway quote:…….. ” I was learning something from the painting of Cézanne that made writing simple true sentences far from enough to make the stories have the dimensions that I was trying to put in them. I was learning very much from him but I was not articulate enough to explain it to anyone. Besides it was a secret.” You and Hem Karima!!

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    • I am hardly in the same sentence as Hemmingway (but gosh thanks) and yes I understand the secrets that make the transcendental at times, become visible… rare but yes..possible,, Thank you Hoyt!!


  7. Kally says:

    Oh this is so beautiful. Love the vivid colors.

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  8. Dolly Vas says:

    This panting is really adorable. Jenn is really a
    World class artists who will be recall by his art upto centuries. I never seen such beautiful painting ever.🙏🙏💞

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    • Thank you Dolly for visiting my blog and leaving your great comment. Jan is an excellent artist and I am so proud to have this painting as a gift for our friendship. She and I have known each other for centuries:) and this painting is something I will cherish forever.

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  9. Dolly Vas says:

    My pleasure. Really priceless gift.🙏🙏

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