So Sensitive


“Sensitivity” by tsukiko-kiyomidzu  – Deviant Art

If you have heard all your life,”Oh you are just so sensitive”
Is it a curse to lament or a gift from the Higher Giver?
Maybe a bit of both, still I would not change my easily shattered ways.

I can hardly finish this sentence as the tears flow from my eyes.
I’m listening to a moving minor twist of violins in a glorious symphony,
over and over in a loop; it plays, fanning the flames, stroking my feelings.

Because I am so sensitive, I am a poet; I need my music night and day.
It pulls the poetry out of my soul, those deep chambers, hidden out of sight.
It pulls the tears from my eyes, the memories lodged and buried in rock.

I thought they’d never come loose, that all tears had been cried.
Then this symphony roars through my ears like a rolling high tide
and there they lay at my feet, on the sand, tears flooding my eyes.

Music has made me moan like a wounded animal when I’m so alone.
I can’t even write, without the right music; my pen dries up in silence.
I can’t even collect an idea, my basket is empty, in a field of creativity.

My muse is not to be found and a poor melody will not entice her.
She sleeps and turns her back on me, losing herself in her musings,
But, if I can find just the right song; she will bring the words along..and then…and then…
We may picnic on poetry!

* This piece can almost always make me write   Enjoy! Angelo Badalamenti

Karima Hoisan
July 11, 20202
Costa Rica


*En Español
Tan Sensible

Si has escuchado toda tu vida … “Oh, eres demasiado sensible”
¿Es una maldición lamentarse o un regalo del Dador superior?
Tal vez un poco de ambos, aún así no cambiaría mis formas fácilmente destrozadas.

Apenas puedo terminar esta oración mientras las lágrimas fluyen de mis ojos.
Estoy escuchando un pequeño giro de violines en una gloriosa sinfonía,
una y otra vez en un bucle; juega, avivando las llamas, acariciando mis sentimientos.

Como soy tan sensible, soy poeta; Necesito mi música día y noche.
Saca la poesía de mi alma, esas cámaras profundas, ocultas fuera de la vista.
Me saca las lágrimas de los ojos, los recuerdos alojados y enterrados en la roca.

Pensé que nunca se soltarían, que todas las lágrimas habían llorado.
Entonces esta sinfonía ruge por mis oídos como una marea alta
y allí yacían a mis pies, en la arena, las lágrimas inundaban mis ojos.

La música me ha hecho gemir como un animal herido cuando me siento sola.
Ni siquiera puedo escribir sin la música adecuada; mi pluma se seca en silencio
Ni siquiera puedo recoger una idea, mi cesta está vacía, en un campo de creatividad.

Mi musa no se encuentra y una melodía pobre no la atraerá
Ella duerme y me da la espalda, perdiéndose en sus pensamientos
Pero, si puedo encontrar la canción correcta; ella traerá las palabras … y luego … y luego …
¡Podemos hacer un picnic en la poesía!

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7 Responses to So Sensitive

  1. daleinnis says:

    Ah, you poets. 🙂 We all benefit from your sensitivity, glad that you let the music draw it all out.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Karima, my dear friend, you are a maestro of the written word… a symphony of deeply rooted emotions that flow with the eloquence of a wafted wind. You are a writer that doesn’t hold back, but gives from deep within your heart.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much Lance..I feel my poetry is sometimes so frivolous or light compared to yours..I each his/her own but my themes are small ones, I think, and part of that probably does come from my sensitivity, which you might have guessed is pretty highly wound:) It’s true that I don’t hold back,i think even if I wanted to, when I move into the flow of writing, I am forced to be transparent…That’s hard to explain but I think you might know what I am trying to say.. After i read it back, I think, “Ohh that revealed a lot…but too late and really the words once written, written they stay! Thank you for your continual support and encouragement!. It means a lot to me.

      Liked by 1 person

      • It is a a wonderful pleasure, Karima. I mean this in the most sincere way, one should never compare one’s work with another’s. Much as a cellist should not compare themselves to a violinist- they all contribute equally to making beautiful music. Yes, never hold back, it would certainly disrupt the flow of your exceptional work. I do completely understand what you’re saying, and I’m very appreciative of your honesty. To me, it’s more than writing, it’s being supportive of other poets. It is a great honor. Blessings.

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  3. Hoyt says:

    And as always, she will again find you. Or…You find her. And of course, Angelo Badalamenti. You love his music and more than that….you love saying his name. (A big grin from this end)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hahaha how you know me Hoyt…:)” Angelo Badalamenti…Angelo Badalamenti…Angelo:):) Thank you for catching up all the way on my posts today..I seem to be a bit more more prolific in lockdown:)


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