Today Is The Day


Today Is The Day
for Hoyt

I know I have been so remiss…
the best things in this life
that keep coming and coming
like a sunset to dawn, sunrise to stars
I take them all too easily for granted.

I have an amazing friend from afar;
he fell in love with me, through my poetry
and he started to inspire me,
with his excitement and true joy.
He held the words that came out of me,
the images, sometimes so hard to capture,
in a line or a stanza of verse.
He cupped them all in his hand
and he smiled across the miles, admiringly.

He never failed to read my poems
or stay silent after,
and not share his thoughts.
He always took the time, to tell me,
I had become his favorite writer,
and he copied my special ones
into a notebook, from his computer screen,
so he could run, on a lonely highway,
just like the desert wind that surrounded him
then find a patch of shade,  to sit and read them again.

I won’t go any further than today,
without showing him the sparkle in my eye,
those tears of gratitude, for him still being alive,
and for this unique connection he allowed us to make.
It happened through my poetry, without ever touching my hand.
without him ever seeing my face,

He let my words dance through his life,
speak to him
in his days,
and he felt close even if months passed

with no words between us.
How rare a gift is someone like this,
who can dance with me

cherish and stay close, be in the same room,
in the same thought,
without ever knocking on my door,
just by shaking his head and smiling out loud,
while peering into his crumpled notebook,
reading my poetry.

Karima Hoisan
July 31, 2020
Costa Rica

(En Español)

Hoy Es El Día
para Hoyt

Sé que he sido tan negligente …
las mejores cosas de esta vida
que siguen viniendo y viniendo
como una puesta de sol hasta el amanecer, un amanecer para las estrellas
Los tomo con demasiada facilidad por sentado.

Tengo un amigo increíble desde lejos;
se enamoró de mí a través de mi poesía
y comenzó a inspirarme
con su entusiasmo y verdadera alegría.
Él sostuvo las palabras que salieron de mí,
las imágenes, a veces tan difíciles de capturar,
en una línea o una estrofa de verso.
Los ahuecó en su mano
y él sonrió a través de las millas, con admiración.

Nunca dejó de leer mis poemas
o permanecer en silencio después
y no compartir sus pensamientos
Siempre se tomaba el tiempo para decirme:
Me había convertido en su escritor favorito,
y él copió mis mas especiales
en un cuaderno, desde la pantalla de su computadora,
para poder correr por una carretera solitaria
justo como el viento del desierto que lo rodeaba
luego encuentre un parche de sombra, solo para leerlos nuevamente.

No iré más allá de hoy,
sin mostrarle el brillo en mis ojos
esas lágrimas de gratitud, porque él todavía está vivo,
y por esta conexión única que nos permitió hacer.
Sucedió a través de mi poesía, sin tocar mi mano.
sin que él vea mi cara

Dejó que mis palabras bailaran a través de su vida
habla con él en sus días,
y se sentía cerca incluso si pasaban los meses
sin palabras entre nosotros
Qué raro es un regalo para alguien así,
quien puede bailar conmigo
atesorar y permanecer cerca, estar en la misma habitación,
en el mismo pensamiento, sin tocar nunca mi puerta,
solo sacudiendo la cabeza y sonriendo en voz alta,
mientras miraba su cuaderno arrugado,
y leyendo mi poesía.


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11 Responses to Today Is The Day

  1. Karima, a beautiful tribute to a close poetic friend. I especially like-

    “He held the words that came out of me,
    the images, sometimes so hard to capture,
    in a line or a stanza of verse.
    He cupped them all in his hand
    and he smiled across the miles, admiringly.”

    You write so eloquently and beautifully… a true literary giant!
    Blessings, dear friend.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much Lance for commenting on this one. As I said in the poem, sometimes we might take loyalty and constant support for granted, forgetting to really give thanks, as no one is obligated to be or do all comes from one’s volition..’just because’ as we sometimes say. A poet, to say thank you, has the possibility of writing a poem. It will be interesting (like watching someone open a Christmas gift) to see his reaction when he stumbles, eventually, on this poem dedicated to him. I am so glad you enjoyed it!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Karima, we sometimes do, but shouldn’t. Good friends are a rarity today. Wonderful and eloquently stated, my friend. Your words and thoughts run deep in the souls of poets. I thoroughly enjoy your artistic talents. Blessings.

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  2. Hoyt says:

    My Ruca,
    You have touched my heart with this! Every true word in this piece rolls over my psyche and spirit with The most profound, gentle touch! The painting of The Joshua Trees where I once took your beautiful lyrics with me on a secluded hike where few could reach. I held your words close to my heart as I still do to this day. And yes, the fading notebooks, still intact hold your precious words as does my heart. Their value is undefinable. Thank you.
    Love Por Vida ❤️

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    • Ohhhh Hoyt! You found your gift!!! Smiling from ear to ear,,,thank you once again for your beautiful words, you have made me very happy too:) I just told it like it was…a small poetic history of an amazing friendship….You will always have a special place in my heart too…but you knew that;) Love Por Vida Ruco!


  3. daleinnis says:

    Such a lovely tribute to a friend! You make the world richer with your words…

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  4. Katy Claire says:

    Karima, this was incredibly touching. Beautiful words for such a special soul connection you found. It is rare to find people like that. I love your writing.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I agree with you Katy, very rare indeed, and we are truly blessed if a friendship like this, enters our lives. Thank you so much for your comments…and your enjoyment of my poetry…the feeling is very mutual..You too are a delight to read:)

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  5. Touching! The opening stanza set this all up in its splendor. Love coming back to some of your previous poems that I haven’t read. You always bring so much heart and thought to your writing! It’s stunning to read!

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  6. Thank you so much Ben ( I think it’s time I can call you Ben:) for reading this one.. I have been blessed all along my poetic journey with some special people, and Hoyt is one of them. He and I “met” almost 13 years ago and poetry was how we clicked…Amazing! and we are still friends..Will be, inshallah, for as long as we both shall live. Thank you for feeling this one:)


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