“Deeper” Revisited …

This early machinima poem and build on Kitely – Virtual Worlds on Demand, was re-posted today, August 2, in Virtual Outworlding,*Please click the link.
Selby Evans,  keeps a long time and well -respected blog about all things virtual. Thank you Selby for rediscovering this one:) He also includes a partial list of other worlds and poetic machinimas, some after I joined up with my video partner, Natascha Randt (Randt & Hoisan Productions) Below, I will embed the movie for easy viewing. This movie is almost 9 years old, so please take that into consideration:) The music is mine and all voices you hear. Enjoy it and thank you again Selby for making me remember this one! If you are interested in what I do virtually,, please take the time to watch it, full -screen on YouTube with sound turned up:)


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15 Responses to “Deeper” Revisited …

  1. To read the poem written out and the original posting in 2011;please click here: https://karimahoisan.com/2011/12/20/deeper/ There are also some amazing and insightful comments on the original post.

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  2. This is so beautiful, there is a point I believe which we must not go below in our dreaming or contemplation. This is how I feel and you have depicted this in your graphical work, it is truly amazing. You give a a feel of safeness at a certain depth with the vision of what might beheld in the deeper levels.

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  3. Thank you so much for taking the time to watch and really listen to my video poem. In this hectic, stressful age we are living in, it is rare that someone will actually take the time out to do that and then leave a comment too. I thank you for your generosity of spirit, to do both and let me know you understood and appreciated what I was trying to say. Peace.

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  4. Hoyt says:

    It’s interesting that this piece makes it’s resurgence at these trying times. It becomes relevant now on another level. “Wake up, you’re having a nightmare.” What a great prophetic production

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    • Thank you Hoyt..yes this was an old one but you’re right we seem to be in nightmare times once again…Even real reality seems like a dream…Surreal is a word we say too much these days..So glad you revisited this video Hugss


  5. daleinnis says:

    The original of this is amazing, and as people have pointed out already, so appropriate to today despite its history. I’m glad people are still appreciating your older stuff! It’s truly a gold mine.

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  6. Thank you so much Dale! I am realizing what is old for me, 10 years later, for new readers, is something they are seeing for the first time.. I think it’s fun to dig around in my wordpress chest, and find some things to share again today:)

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  7. stolzyblog says:

    A really interesting blend of talents… inspiring and giving me so many ideas. About the message… I think I am one who would ‘go deeper’. We just need humility, courage, virtue, and a map.

    Do you have many of these multimedia recitals? Wish I had way to find them without stumbling. 🙂

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    • Thank you so much (do I call you Stolzy?) I can’t say the poem accurately reflects me:) but it certainly does reflect my muse that day, who just put these sort of “Poe-esque” words in my head. I am a great follower of my muse wherever she leads..and although I am very afraid of deep water (here is another you might enjoy called Float https://youtu.be/cLcmeWBbGC8) I love going deeper in almost every other way….If you like these video poems I put together..I think you might enjoy 29 of them on my blog under machinima that I made with my (recently departed partner, Natascha Randt in Germany) She and I had worked together almost 10 years until she passed away, 4 months ago Sept. 2021. On my blog look under the category Machinima..on YouTube Randt & Hoisan Productions..Here is one we did a few years back.. We build the sets from scratch..all labors of love… and here is how we do it too..*backstage view https://karimahoisan.com/2017/12/22/the-river-of-forgetting-featuring-silas-merlins-funerary-ship-for-slartistuwa-machinima-challenge-2017-art-of-the-artists/ Enjoy Stolzy:) Nice meeting you !

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      • stolzyblog says:

        thanks much Karima, I will surely look into them over the next weeks. You can call me rob or robert, as you like. yes… know what you mean about quieting your own being for the muse — a very valuable technique. I think in my case the muse more and more closely approximates me over time. And I agree with you about water… snorkeling is my preferred depth. But on land, yes, I am willing to dig deep. 🙂 pleased to have met you and will check out more of your stuff soon. Sorry about your collaborator.

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  8. Thank you Rob, and lt me know what you enjoy and if you have any questions…I’m happy to answer them… if I can Yes thank you for your condolences…It was a real blow..She had just turned 40 and so talented. 🙏 Allah yirhamhu…May she rest in peace..🌹

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  9. You’re so talented, Karima! This is wonderful!

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