Frozen in the Moment


Frozen in the Moment

The wind blows the incense
in puffs, out the door,
rocking the cloud like a cradle in the bough
of a tree.
Sometimes, it sweeps the smell
up like a broom,
scattering the scent all the way
into the living room,
where the faint notes of a piano
begin to float their way back,
mixing with this rare
smokey and timeless perfume.

Is this not the moment to stop and see?
Notes and scents bathed in afternoon’s
golden rod, purple lilac, the smell of cut grass;
We hold our breath.
Is the clock really going to surprise us all
and stop?
Will a visitor bring us flowers?
Will the cat find her perfect cozy sun spot?
Anything could be the next to see,
to hear, to smell, to say…
while we’re tasting, on the tip of our tongues,
the last hours, of this beguiling end of day.

The wind is a sense teaser, a rain bringer,
a savior of gardens, a gentle whisperer,
a mischievous prankster.
We give it permission
to escort the dark clouds in.
We step aside,
as leaves, raked in a pile begin…
flying solo, twisting low and high
crinkling and winking, spiraling into the breeze,
spreading out back, to the bottoms of the trees
from where,
they were just raked this morning.

While back indoors,
Chopin’s arpeggios, and trills carried by the breeze,
coax joss sticks to undulate,
their tails and plumes.
The yellow-purple vapors, are caught in the
puffs and gusts… and then, the first raindrops.
They begin to fall and salt and pepper our faces,
as we sit on the step, hypnotized in awe, frozen in the moment…
as if God had just taken our picture.

Karima Hoisan
August 8th 2020
Costa Rica

(En Español)

Congelados en el Momento

El viento sopla el incienso
en bocanadas, fuera de la puerta,
meciendo la nube como una cuna en la rama
de un árbol
A veces, barre el olor
como una escoba,
esparciendo el olor por todo el pasillo
en la sala de estar,
donde las tenues notas de un piano
comienzan a flotar en su camino de regreso,
mezclándose con este raro
perfume ahumado y atemporal.

¿No es este el momento de parar y ver?
Notas y aromas bañados por la tarde
vara de oro, lila púrpura, olor a hierba cortada;
Aguantamos la respiración.
¿El reloj realmente nos va a sorprender a todos?
¿y parar?
¿Un visitante nos traerá flores?
¿Encuentrará el gato, su lugar perfecto bajo el sol?
Cualquier cosa podría ser la próxima en ver
oír, oler, decir …
mientras probamos, en la punta de nuestra lengua,
las últimas horas, de este deslumbrante final del día.

Este viento es un bromista de los sentidos, un portador de lluvia,
un salvador de los jardines, un dulce susurro,
un travieso.
Le damos permiso
para escoltar las nubes oscuras.
Nos hacemos a un lado
mientras hojas, rastrilladas en una pila
comienza a volar solo, girando bajo y alto
arrugando y parpadeando, girando en espiral en la brisa
extendiéndose hacia atrás, hasta el fondo de los árboles
de donde,
fueron rastrillados esta mañana.

Mientras que de vuelta al interior
Los arpegios de Chopin y los trinos llevados por la brisa,
engatusa las varitas de incienso para que ondulen,
sus colas y plumas.
Los vapores amarillos y violetas quedan atrapados en los
soplos y ráfagas … y luego, las primeras gotas de lluvia.
Comienzan a caer y a salpimentar nuestros rostros,
mientras nos sentamos afuera, hipnotizados por el asombro, congelados en el momento, como si Dios acabara de tomarnos una foto.

Karima Hoisan
8 de Agosto, 2020
Costa Rica


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20 Responses to Frozen in the Moment

  1. daleinnis says:

    This is just so perfect; without melodrama or bathos, it brings tears to my eyes. You have captured the jewel-like beauty of every instant, and also the infinite possibilities; if we can truly keep things things in mind in the moment, we are free. Thank you for this…

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    • Oh my pleasure to read this comment Dale.. I feel fortunate you were able to slip into this moment with me:) Something so hard to regularly do, but so rewarding when we can just freeze and be aware of it all….all at once. Thank you for commenting. It means a lot.


  2. Karima, a poetess magnifique… your words are breaths of the beauty of life itself. Each stimulating and intriguing. As if they’ve taken on a life of their own- you’ve given them an existence, a purposeful meaning.

    “The wind blows the incense
    in puffs, out the door,
    rocking the cloud like a cradle in the bough
    of a tree.”

    Exceptional beauty in verse, my friend. Blessings and peace.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Lance, for this beautiful, moving comment. You have the sensitivity of a great poet, so your observations on my own verse, stimulate me in very positive ways. Not many people comment on my poetry, but, that fact does not stop me from the imperative of writing it::) I am sure you know what I say here. When someone is moved enough to take the time, to put into words, how my words have made them feel, well that is connection, and that is another level, the unexpected but welcome secondary effects, of putting it out there for the world to read. Thank you always for leaving your impressions. I am very grateful Lance. Be well and safe…..

      Liked by 1 person

      • My sincerest pleasure, Karima. As poets, we must first write for ourselves. We then put it out there for the world, each individual reading and interpreting differently. This is important to our internal growth. As we progress and (hopefully) improve our poetic skills, we begin to see with a greater depth of knowledge and understanding. It is also our duty to support others, whether they be writers or artists. Remember, we were all beginners at one point in our craft. Be well and safe too, dear friend.

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  3. A veces barre el olor
    como una escoba,
    difundiendo el aroma por todo el camino
    En la sala, es una hermosa línea.

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  4. Katy Claire says:

    What a beautiful write! The imagery is stunning and the whole piece is music.

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  5. Thank you so much Katy, I am happy you feel that way..”the whole piece is music” because it’s music that actually can freeze me in a moment:) so that I am able to write:)

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  6. pranavsable says:

    Very Interesting sir…………..plz follow me………. currently I am writing a novel

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  7. It would be my pleasure!


  8. annefoley1 says:

    I hope you are proud of this work of art! Being able to appreciate the present moment is such a gift. Your vivid descriptions and images really made me feel like I was standing right next to you, hearing the notes of the piano and smelling the incense. Thank you for sharing this! You’re such a talented writer, Karima!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ohh thank you for your kind words…they inspire! I honestly do like this one too, as I feel I was able to describe what I was feeling..As you know that is not always easy, and to hear from a reader that they felt they were there too in that moment I was painting..well that is the highest compliment. Thank you again for your comment Anne. Be well..


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