Mutant Bevy


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  1. Another poem from the past..and happy to say, in the last 14 years, I have found the most wonderful bevy of mutant butterflies to call my own:)
    If you have trouble reading this poem, here it is written out:

    Mutant Bevy
    for ayooni

    Please lift Your foot from my caterpillar
    It’s squished enough, one more step it’s gone.
    If you leave it be, perhaps there is some hope
    That something good will come from all this wrong

    I think she still retains sufficient movement,
    Could crawl to a dark corner, weave a safety net.
    Inside her bright cocoon of metamorphosis,
    There is a rebirth planned, Oh no, she’s not done yet.

    And then with time, yes time is so important,
    Her re-entrance could be especially refined,
    So when her wings are drying as she’s hanging there
    Perhaps her mottled beauty will be a rainbow for mankind.

    All that pain was sculpted, made her a cosmic changeling,
    She can sing the haunting song of a robin on Easter morn,
    Flicks and tickles the elderly’s cheeks and makes them smile,
    Alights on an open book of a child whose heart is torn.

    Brings joy and awe for her strange colors are infectious,
    Even warring factions stop to watch as she flies by.
    She recites poetry in every tongue and makes no judgment,
    Will be there in the speed of light if she hears you cry.

    I think she’s hurt enough, now she has compassion.
    I know that is the way You like to test and mold.
    Just release her from Your Step and she will do the rest,
    At the hour, place in her path a mutant bevy and

    Karima Hoisan
    Published 2006

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  2. Sabiscuit says:

    I enjoy publishing in my own comments too. Like leaving Easter eggs for curious readers and comments followers. 🥰😘

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  3. Smiles. yes like helping someone get a good seat in the cinema, “Oh, look, here are two right in the center” Thanks for your fun comment:) Easter eggs are always small treasures….

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  4. Aditi♥️ says:

    Heyy!! Your posts are awesome!! This poem is sooo well written! You honestly have so much talent! I’m fairly new here (I’ve just been blogging for a month now) and it would be really nice if you could check out my site and let me know some feedback (or follow it if you like it 😂) so that I can make it better!! Your experience can help me make my site better!
    Thank you sooo much 😊

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    • Thank you Aditi for visiting my blog.. I would be happy to visit yours and I wish you much enjoyment in blogging. There is no wrong way:) Just be yourself and write about what matters to you. That is my best advice 🙂 Be passionate about what you care about and Good luck!


      • Aditi♥️ says:

        No problem at all! Your blog is amazing and fun to read! 😍 Thanks ☺️ That is great advice! Thank you soooo much!!!! Your advice means a lot since I’m new here!


  5. daleinnis says:

    A lovely blast from the past! I’m especially struck by the final note at the end: that BEHOLD. Indeed!

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  6. Karima, with each poem, there is a metamorphism which beautifully transforms you into an even better writer. Your words and thoughts are your wings in which rise to a whole new literary level. Absolutely stunning work, my dear friend!

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    • Thank you Lance for your inspiring comment on my mutant butterflies. A friend of mine, a Catholic priest, who used to say to me, “I want you to meet someone..They have been hurt a lot…now they have compassion” It was what he valued enough, to recommend I talk to him or her. I always loved that. This was the highest compliment he would give to anyone he deemed worthy to get to know… Sometimes I do feel the wind on my face as I am finishing a poem..that was able to lift off from only an intuitive idea. Thank you again for your support.

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      • Karima, that is very touching! Regardless of one’s spiritual beliefs, you must have compassion- whether it be for human life, art, writing… it must somehow exist within you.
        You are a true artist of the poetic word, and will always have my support!

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  7. Speechless . Caterpillar humbled the poetry beautifully

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