You Won

Artist: Vicente Romero Redondo

You Won

Every time I hold this to the light, I always think of you.
When I was a dancer spinning down the garden path,
the light was moon not sun and I giggled when you said,”ole”
You made your
fingers into horns, as I brazenly swung my cape
the flowered one that always drove you crazy when we played.

The more we set each scene and let our minds run wild,
the more we fell in love; is love itself not creation’s stage?
I could hardly catch my breath, tears and smiles in my eyes
You chased me, the wild bull inside of you took full pursuit
but when you charged at me, I wrapped you up
in pink and sigh

I knew our dance was destined to end upon the ground somewhere,
The toreador with other visions floating across her sparkling eyes…
Moon glowing right through the clouds; ahh, this moment was so sweet!
One more pass, your bull was stronger; he tipped me over and took me down…
and I, dressed only in this diaphanous cloak, pulled it over
my head in charmed defeat.
You won.

Karima Hoisan
August 25, 2020
Costa Rica

(en Español)

Tu Ganaste

Cada vez que sostengo esta a la luz, siempre pienso en ti.
Cuando yo era bailarina girando por el sendero del jardín,
la luz era de la luna, no del sol, y me reí cuando dijiste “ole”
Formaste cuernos con tus dedos, mientras yo movía descaradamente mi capa
la de las flores, que siempre te volvía loco cuando jugábamos.

Cuanto más preparamos cada escena y dejamos que nuestras mentes se vuelvan locas,
cuanto más nos enamoramos; ¿No es el amor en sí mismo el escenario de la creación?
Apenas podía recuperar el aliento, lágrimas y sonrisas en mis ojos
Me perseguiste, el toro salvaje dentro de ti, me persiguió por completo,
pero cuando lanzaste contra mí, te envolví en rosas y suspiros.

Sabía que nuestro baile estaba destinado a terminar en algún lugar del suelo
La torera, con otras visiones flotando en sus ojos brillantes …
Luna brillando a través de las nubes; ¡Ahh, este momento fue tan dulce!
La última estocada, tu toro era más fuerte; me volcó y me derribó …
y yo, vestida sólo con este manto diáfano, me lo puse por encima la cabeza en una derrota encantada.

Tu Ganaste.

Karima Hoisan
25 de Agosto de 2020
Costa Rica

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21 Responses to You Won

  1. I am an ekphrastic poet..Visual art is enough to inspire a poem…

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  2. daleinnis says:

    That is lovely! Falling in love, all those young familiar feelings so singularly yet universally captured.

    Any I learned a new word! 🙂

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  3. I like how you can take inspiration for poetry from visual art, that’s pretty cool how it sets the scene for you 💫✨

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    • Thank you so much Hannah for your comment.. The paintings sometimes talk to me, even the abstracts. I don’t have the ability to do it with every one I see, but I intuitively know..this might turn into poetry:)

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      • That’s honestly amazing! Sometimes I get that with certain paintings, where I can put together a story or emotions in my head. But the fact that you can do it for abstract work too, is a gift 🦋🌷

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  4. I actually am included in an Art book by Dutch Painter,Rob Steenhorst who used my poems for his paintings that inspired me but none of these were abstracts I have one here called Drunken Tango on the Floor that is an abstract..The vivid wild colors, opened a poem that just gushed from my imagination. I perform it with music:)


  5. Es lo mismo para mi Christian:) Disfruto de tus poemas.


  6. So beautifully written

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  7. Karima, each thought, each word, each verse are like pebbles in a rivulet glistening in morning’s first light; each painted with its warmth as it the gentle waters flow to the sea, adding to its beauty. I especially like:

    “You made your fingers into horns, as I brazenly swung my cape
    the flowered one that always drove you crazy when we played.”

    You are a master wordsmith, my
    dear friend.

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  8. Thank you again Lance..I too try to do the same with my fellow poets..It’s always a rewarding experience for everyone… I am so happy I found you on my poetic explorations:)


  9. Joel Abakah says:

    This is simply beautiful, in the most complex and unique way💚
    You write well my friend, you really do!

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