The River of Forgetting Revisited

I wanted to post this video, machinima, again…because my creative partner, Natascha Randt  is still recuperating from an illness and is unable to work with me at the moment. Prayers and light and good thoughts are very welcome. I miss her and so I want to share some of our past videos with my new WordPress friends and followers.

 A quick background on this film… we did it for an International competition and took 3rd place. The challenge was to choose a piece of Art from a specific virtual campus to make a video including it, and I chose this sculptured boat entitled, “The Funerary Ship” by a French artist, Silas Merlin. I built a 3D virtual world for it to sail on and my favorite scripter, Dale Innis made the boat sail and worked together with me to make special effects:)  I wrote the poem, found the music, Nat directed, filmed, and edited it and…the rest is history.

Please watch this in HD and full screen and let us know if you enjoyed it. The poem is written out on YouTube under “show more” Hope you find it entertaining.

If you are interested in how we did this, my first post, from a few years back goes into more detail. It was the hardest project Nat and I had ever embarked on:)…but rewarding in the end. You can read it here

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10 Responses to The River of Forgetting Revisited

  1. Beautiful work Karima, it takes us to a deeper level of releasing and forgetting. Seeing the objects of pain dissolve in the river, the baggage we carry until we are finally stripped of all we no long need free to dance in life. Bless you. How is Natascha?

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  2. Thank you so is my hope that when she gets this all behind her..we will create together again:):) Inshallah


  3. Joey says:

    It’s just as lovely as the first time around… and soothing to the heart. Get well, soon, Nat ❤

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    • Ahh thank you Joey and thank you for very much being a part of it too:) Yes lots of prayers and soothing thoughts for Nat…she has a few more hurtles to go, but inshallah she will be as good as new when it’s all over. and then Let’s all of us make videos together!!

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  4. I really enjoyed watching that video. Thanks for creating this lovely video❤️.

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