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Life in Monochrome

Life in Monochrome All we see are the shadows, the projections the sun paints across the world. Our vision of reality is as pale as tree branches outlined in grey waving on the walls, just a monochrome of real life … Continue reading

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Nights At The Big Top

Nights At The Big Top   We swing towards each other and then swing back… like a high flying circus act, I’m afraid if I jump, you will lose your grip. I’m afraid if I show what I’m feeling, I … Continue reading

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Playing With Time

Playing With Time We can play with Time if we want, because Time plays with us. Makes us feel that a week could not possibly have passed that fast. It make us feel young when we are old, Makes us … Continue reading

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Pool This body of water was so much more than a liquid luxury, blue when the sky was blue, the clouds floated on its surface… the reflections of the sun, coated branches of a tree, in vibrating… illuminating points and … Continue reading

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