At The Beach

CROP-09-28 at 8.45.47 PM

                                                                  photo by Poett

At The Beach
for Poett

When the clouds and waves agree
to coordinate their colors
and the sky illuminates the glowing sea
of Neptune’s shiny floor,
you can expect to ride upon
it’s brackish sweet sea breeze,
its endless steel-blue ocean swells
that die against the shore

When tears and pain begin to float away,
because this beach is so unique
and it won’t let you cry,
Allow yourself this moment,
that’s been waiting here so long
and gather what it’s showing you
to treasure deep inside.

The healing’s coming quickly now;
it enters like an ocean surge
through your astonished eyes
and all that vast expanse of trees
and seashore views you see,
begin to penetrate your depths
letting all the drama- trauma
float away, and be lost to fossilize.

Just then, a black horse enters,
from the right side of the scene,
a black horse on its own
just walking along the shore;
a work of art, his stallion stance
against those faded blue jean skies;
praise his ebony graceful frame ,
his awareness, gaze and size!
As you stare right back at him amazed;
he trots off down the rocky beach,
and disappears before your eyes.

Karima Hoisan
September 29, 2020
Costa Rica

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23 Responses to At The Beach

  1. This is an Ekphrastic poem, inspired by the photo you see.

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  2. daleinnis says:

    You are bursting with creativity! And each one is so different. This gives a scene that we’ll all recognize as beautiful and evocative, a special interpretation. Lovely!

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    • Aww thank you Dale, having observed the process of me ripping up two poems until I finally felt this one was right, makes your comment even more special:) Thank you always for your wonderful support of my poetry:)


  3. Ah…lovely, Karima. So many expressions that made me wonder and sigh… because of their sheer beauty, and usage… it was something to consume, drop by drop, to savour…

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  4. Safa Sherin says:

    Hope you have seen my liebster award post☺️your one of my nominees is 🤩 congratulations 🥳

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  5. The beach always makes me feel like this a place to walk and pour out emotions. Beautifully written, the horse adds the extra touch of gentle power

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  6. Hoyt says:

    A lovely piece of work Miss Karima. The sea is probably the best place there is for refection and meditation. And that beautiful horse that suddenly appears knows this. And as always another poem of yours given generously to a loved one.

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    • Thank you Hoyt! Knowing that you love the beach and gobble up miles of views when you are running, made me think you might enjoy this one a lot:) You are right, nothing like throwing your heavy thoughts, your troubles to the waves and watch them float away!


  7. Samreen Asad says:

    A wonderful read Karima as always 💖🙂

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  8. cheriewhite says:

    Such a beautiful post! 🙂

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  9. Thank you so much Cherie and also for stopping by:)


  10. So cool: “against those faded blue jean skies”.

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    • Oh you liked a line..I also liked..It came so fast and when I read it back, I said..”oh I like that description” I say this with no ego, because after the poem is posted, I no longer feel ownership..if you might know what I mean:)


      • Sure. I heard some musicians say this about songs. Once they put them out in the universe it becomes the listeners a bit too. But yeah, it’s a really great line. And when they come like that it’s a blessing. It’s great work, really!

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  11. Thank you again, I feel like we have been in a coffee shop, discussing poetry for hours:) and I really do feel motivated for your taking the time to read and leave such thoughtful comments for me. This is an act of artistic generosity, and I hope to reciprocate very soon on your own page. This has been a unique WordPress first in 10 years of blogging to meet a reader and writer such as yourself…so willing to comment and reply and intrepidly explore my blog..There is a category, machinima, which has all our videos…you might find some of those *you saw Drink Me already, entertaining and a different way to present poetry. I will make time soon to wade through your creative pool…and I very much looking forward to know you as the poet that you are:) Thank you for such an inspiring Sunday Benjamin…Please be safe and healthy and creating….🙏🌺🌸🤗


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