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Gliding Beauty- Desert Journey Part One

                                          Drawing by Gino 2007 Preface: This is a story, a book I began writing in 2007 in Jordan. I decided to not continue out of respect for the characters (both living and dead) It is a true story, my … Continue reading

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Your Midas Touch

                                              Wall of my room-6am today Please click Play to hear me recite the poem to the  beautiful guitar music of Armik Your Midas Touch Fingers strumming my open window pane… I know how it works…You are coming in, whether … Continue reading

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Balloon in Love

Indulge me:) please! I am way too into helium balloons for my own good:) but..one Sun balloon today deserves to be immortalized on film. He has been flying mid level for an entire day, without touching either the ceiling or … Continue reading

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Will Be a Bit Scarce… but Not Absent!

Hello to my friends and readers, I am embarking on a new video journey that has been inspired by my poem, “You Brought The Music” and especially by a comment by our fellow WordPress blogger, Sundaram Chauhan who expressed he … Continue reading

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You Brought The Music

You Brought The Music for Sundaram (from a dream) In a dream I had this morning, you brought the music and a friend. I was living in a cottage with a park that stretched for miles laid out in front … Continue reading

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Please Sit Down….

Someone wished me a beautiful night… It is a beautiful night, the temperature just right, the feeling of the air, that wraps around me is a caress, it’s like a kiss, that lasts forever. A subtle whisper in my ear: … Continue reading

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Two Poems For Corcovado National Park, Costa Rica

Corcovado for Iris =============== There is a place where the macaws still fly free Where they perch to feed on shoreline almond trees Where my love swells like a high tide on afternoon seas Beautiful Corcovado! No roads or cars, … Continue reading

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At The Beach

                                                                  photo by Poett At The Beachfor PoettWhen the clouds and waves agreeto coordinate their colorsand the sky illuminates the glowing seaof Neptune’s shiny floor,you can expect to ride upon it’s brackish sweet sea breeze,its endless steel-blue ocean swellsthat die … Continue reading

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Moved to Tears

Moved to Tears In the concert of our lives, sometimes those minor changes make tears blur our eyes. Perhaps something was just too beautiful to comprehend dry-eyed. Maybe it was too painful, too hopeless, too unkind… and we hear the … Continue reading

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