A Kiss in the Fog


A kind word is like a kiss in the fog,
it warms the heart; it brightens the day,
and the cold mist is lifted,
and then… someone smiles again.

To be kind,
is a special part of generosity.
It’s a conscious act towards another
to make them feel loved.
Ahh, to just feel loved…
even in these times of hard
and shrill replies.
In this time of uncaring and indifference,
of fear and suspicion,
a kind word can break through
like a gentle hand upon your cheek,
like a reassurance, to let you know,
you are seen and everything will work out fine.

A kind word gives hope.
Is hope not the greatest gift we can give?
Especially, in these bleak days of despair,
is when it’s most needed.
One act of kindness, through word or deed,
is so simple to do; costs nothing..and is totally free.

Kindness reframes the truth, yet it never is a lie
Kindness is the diplomacy of the soul,
rewriting the painful parts until they are not
so hard for us to see.
It says, “I love how you are doing this…keep trying
and you will do it even better.’
It says, “How wonderful you look today, you seem so happy.”
It says, anything we usually forget to say,
so wrapped up in our own thoughts,
we forget we have the power to heal or lighten, or inspire.

A kind word or a kind deed,
fills the giver as well as the one who receives.
We can start any moment;
it’s a choice we can make consciously.
Each time we practice it, on others and ourselves
we reap the rewards of generosity:
That good feeling of giving up a part of ourselves
to touch someone else…just because we can…..

Karima Hoisan
October 18, 2020
Costa Rica


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16 Responses to A Kiss in the Fog

  1. daleinnis says:

    Lovely and apt for this time. And always!

    “Kindness reframes the truth, yet it never is a lie
    Kindness is the diplomacy of the soul,”

    So important.

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    • Thank you Dale..my favorite first commentator:) I am glad you enjoyed this poem, and you are right,that line IS important.. another way would be false and hypocritical. Kind words must be based on something real..otherwise it’s just called lying.


  2. Jeff Flesch says:

    Beautiful, powerful, and so true. ❤

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  3. Hoyt says:

    Beautiful Miss Karima! Being kind, as you say, is such a potent means of reaping the simplistic yet most powerful gift for both the receiver and giver. And we need to be reminded of our simple abilities to uplift ourselves and others as you have so eloquently done. I’m on it!

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    • Thank you so much Hoyt..I love your bright and early comments…It was just a line, I woke up with in my head yesterday…and it stayed:) The muse works that way for me, so I plugged in my favorite music and out it came:) Good to know you’re on it (smiles) me too!!


  4. Samreen Asad says:

    So beautiful Karima, serene as I would say. ❤️ Kindness is surely hope and one would definitely be rewarded sooner or later for every act of worth. 🌺
    Hope you are doing well Habeebity 🌼🤗 Have a good day dear🌷🌼

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    • I know you know about kindness Samreen, You have a kind soul..taíb kteer:) I feel it in every reply, in your taking the time, to let me know about how you feel about my poetry. Thank you kind one, and talented one, for being so supportive always.. Have many good days inshallah habeebity…and hope you are safe and healthy! ❤️✨🌺🤗


      • Samreen Asad says:

        JazakAllah khair for being so sweet. This is so overwhelming for me, am truly obliged dear Habeebity. Your comment actually shows what kindness is😊❤️🌷
        In a world where people are reluctant to even praise a worthy being, you are praising me without even knowing me actually. This is kindness. 🤗
        It’s always a pleasure for me to read and comment on your blogs. Keep writing dear and am really very happy to connect with you. I am good Alhamdulillah ❤️
        Take care🙂🤗🌺

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  5. Love your reply and it is so interesting, because you say (correctly in the physical world) that i don’t know you…ahh but I know your poetry and what you write reveals the very inner you! For me, this is the true essence of ourselves, not our shapes or age color of skin. In poetry, the poet reveals so much…of him or herself.. We sense the romantic ones, the angry ones, those with a cause and those who are lost//those who seek help, and those who offer it to others; this we know about them, by only reading their words. It’s really beautiful when you think about it…I think I have mentioned before. I have friendships in the virtual world,who I truly consider my friends (Like Natascha) although we have never met…but after 8 years..we feel, yes, we do know each, in the real sense of knowing. Plus we lucky women (smiles) have that special intuition..and since I first read your poems and stories and comments, I could tell right away, mashAllah you were such a generous giving person:)
    Be safe Samreen and yes..write write write inshallah!!! 🌹🌸🌺❤️💐


  6. And isn’t this piece itself an act of kindness?. You know, I was watching a video about Costa Rica, the other day, and they said its a very laidback, easy and beautiful place. Now I know where the poetry flows from. 😀🍀😀

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    • Hello again Sundaram…I missed these comments:) Lovely to see your reply…smiles at your reply..I think every time we reach out either individually or collectively *in a post) if what we have to say is beautiful, or compassionate, or inspiring..or funny, it Is a form of kindness…agreed! As for my country, we are and we were even more laid back and open in times before..I think the world has contaminated that innocence a bit here as well as everywhere…sad to say..drugs, greed, suspicion. but we are known for our hospitality with visitors, and yes, our kindness to strangers. Not having an army, keeps us out of that head-space and we put would -be military funds, into education for all. and we are proud to have a literacy rate of 97.86%:) Plus It’s very BEAUTIFUL here:) Has it affected my poetry? Oh YES!! Definitely:)

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      • Wow… no military…that’s as near a utopia as is possible on this earth…and the funds are so well put…yes the beaches I saw looked awesome…and you and your poetry was what came to my mind…and I think I’m going to read and see more of it. And this world never lets anything innocent, but the human satisfaction index that I read about was quite high for Costa Ricans..
        Take care Karima…🍀🍀

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  7. And you Sundaram…be safe and creative!

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