Two Poems For Corcovado National Park, Costa Rica


for Iris
There is a place where the macaws still fly free
Where they perch to feed on shoreline almond trees
Where my love swells like a high tide on afternoon seas
Beautiful Corcovado!

No roads or cars, just sandy foot tracks,
Carry us to rebirth before sending us back,
Stop us in mid-life and show us all that we lack
Magical Corcovado!

My soul sings rhythms like never before,
We said “Yes” one more time, opened destiny’s door,
Just you and the ocean are what I came to adore
Mystical Corcovado!

Grey stormy horizon seems so far away now,
As we settle into night, waves crash on day’s bow.
My tears say thank you for this, because I don’t know how
Sitting in Corcovado.

5c424b5fbb1eb226eafd04de_lapa roja

Coming Up From the Dead

Coming up from the dead, I exhale back into life
Palm trees sway in the mounting breeze
They appear as a tight picket fence to contain the sea
Even stripped of their nuts, they are still supple proud trees.

I have witnessed re-birth on these tropical shores
While macaws crack almonds, perched high on tree-tops
If the wheel stopped here, I’d be the first to disembark
For I’ve been buried too long, in my zombie-life plot.

Paired, colorful rainbow-flyers soar overhead
Tears come so easily when I perceive freedom’s call
Like watching painted inserts in a sepia toned film
I fill my lungs with their oxygen, crawl out past death’s wall

I heard someone say,”Tomorrow we go back to reality.”
But I say, they will only return to their graves
Is there anything more real than living each precious moment
While tossing all troubled thoughts to the waves?

One more glorious gift I hold tight in my hand
A return from the dead, my shroud, a colorful gown
All vibranty green, with aqua-water sleek bows
Red, yellow,blue streamers high on top like a crown.

Karima Hoisan
July 2006
Corcovado, Costa Rica

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24 Responses to Two Poems For Corcovado National Park, Costa Rica

  1. These two are for Sundaram who has taken an interest in my country:) For me, this might be the most beautiful spot of all:)


  2. Amazing I liked reading your poetry, the natural world so peaceful and real 🙂

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    • Thank you so much Shashank and yes I agree with you, the natural world is so inspiring of we stop and see it, be part of it. We are blessed here to still have so much of it safe and protected:)


  3. daleinnis says:

    Ah, beautiful! Love when you post these older poems, given the rich life you have, they are always something new.

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  4. Joey says:

    What a beautiful world to live in, I can see and hear the waves and the birds and the palm trees. I think I can even taste the salty air by the ocean. Such a blessing!

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    • Ohh Joey,thank you..and yes, it is an amazing place that still remains very pristine and untouched by human development or “progress” Every time I go, I get tears in my eyes…It’s almost as if you have stepped into an alternate universe, where Time has stopped…You could expect to see a Dinosaur come crashing through the foliage 🙂


  5. Iris says:

    💕exquisite – tears ran Karima – there is a deep deep place – is it the soul, where we store the moments and times, the truth of why life is. Some of us are lucky enough to have exquisite diamonds in that our soul box – this is one from ours.

    The soul box closed too tightly from days of life, healing, fixing, being. God’s key turns with a poem, and you know again, there is a deep place we forget to touch, to live by – the meaning of life is us – thank you with my heart for this gift 💕

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    • It would never have been lived, it would never have been written, it would never have been remembered..without you:) Thank you Iris, for your very beautiful comment. for being in my life and for all these magical times we shared..I too had tears in my eyes..rereading it:) Hugs you close…


  6. Jeff Flesch says:

    Beautiful, Karima, and gorgeous pics. My favorite part, “Is there anything more real than living each precious moment. While tossing all troubled thoughts to the waves?” Just lovely.❤️

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  7. Samreen Asad says:

    “Is anything more real than living each precious moment ” and “Tomorrow we go back to reality” loved these lines Karima ❤️ So true
    Beautifully written, capturing so well the essence of Corcovado National Park, have heard about it for the first time and you took me there while reading. Thank you Habeebity ❤️🥰

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    • It seems it has taken me forever, to get back to your beautiful comment Samreen..:( That line you mention, is one of my favorites too…Corcovado is one of the few places in the world (besides the desert in Wadi Rum Jordan), where I felt compelled to stay in the moment by the beauty and awesomeness of the place. Time stops and one is back to a primal age of existence,and that is transcendental in its effects it can have on the soul. My pleasure habeebity, I am so glad you enjoyed my poetic tour, Hugs and stay safe 🙏🌺🌸

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      • Samreen Asad says:

        It’s perfectly fine dear Karima, 😊 yes, some places carry their own charisma and it seems they are compelling you to stop, stare and stay. I so did dear Habeebity ❤️
        You too take care and have a lovely week ahead🌼🌻🌺 hugs and love🤗❤️🤗

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  8. Beck says:

    Beautiful! ❤️

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  9. Hoyt says:

    Ruca… This makes my heart soar like your macaw. The words just sing. One of your old pieces I’m not familiar with. I’m always up for your reposts. I want to go to Corcovado National Park!

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  10. Speechless, my friend. Still gliding barefoot on the waves, and breathing in the pure air. I love the way you write… you flow and flow and flow, and with you I do too. It’s difficult to take a line out and talk about it. They are all so amazing… you’re so right in saying they would return to their grave, and not reality… what poems, and what a place…Wow.


    • Smiling, thank you so much my friend. I am replying listening to your beautiful Zen music behind. I too love this kind of music, and have a nice playlist of many selections. This will of course be added..amazing peaceful and inspiring. Thank you for sharing it with me…and yes,if you ever travel to our part of the world, this park is a must see. It will change you:) I can’t wait to read to see how:):)

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  11. and you my firiend….. Take care!

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