Erik Satie Gnossienne 1

Erik Satie Gnossienne 1

The first time someone played you,
my soul shivered in delight,
such an unexpected reaction,
to this new song, never heard before;
but each ornamented note,
played almost carelessly
brushing the key limply,
each note over and over repeatedly,
entered me and broke my heart.

Wistful like the mist, like staring out to sea
I let the tears fall down my cheeks.
I know I am so sensitive; music does that to me,
Ah but not everything that plays,
is the righteous melody,
that makes me fling open my doors
in an unbridled welcoming.
Not every piece, will be
a love or an obsession
for me to play it too,
letting it reverberate deep inside,
through my own piano keys.

Satie, you paint the tears,
the beauty of the night,
of days
of old, and garden parties,
and jilted romance.
You play for a vampire ballet,

and paint the pain,
of death and lovers’ loss.

You are the night bird that sings
in the tree at my window,
not letting me sleep.
You are my crying beauty,
my tender haunting fantasy.

Karima Hoisan
October 28, 2020
Costa Rica

(En Español)

ERIK SATIE Gnossienne 1

La primera vez que alguien te tocó,
mi alma se estremeció,
una reacción tan inesperada,
a una nueva canción nunca escuchada,
pero cada nota ornamentada,
tocada casi descuidadamente
cepillando la tecla sin fuerzas,
cada nota una y otra vez repetitivamente,
entró en mí y rompió mi corazón.

Nostálgico como la niebla, como mirar al mar
Dejé que las lágrimas cayeran por mis mejillas.
Sé que soy tan sensible; la música me hace eso,
Ah pero no todo lo que toca
es la melodía justa,
que me hace abrir de par en par mis puertas
en una acogida desenfrenada.
No todas las piezas serán
un amor o una obsesión
para que yo también lo tocara,
dejándolo reverberar adentro,
a través de las teclas de mi piano.

Satie, tu pintas las lágrimas
la belleza de la noche, de los días
de fiestas antiguas y en el jardín,
y romance abandonado.
Tocas para un ballet de vampiros

y pintas el dolor de la muerte,
y la pérdida de los amantes.

Tu eres el ave nocturna que canta
en el árbol de mi ventana,
que no me dejas dormir.
Eres mi belleza llorando
mi tierna fantasía inquietante.

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23 Responses to Erik Satie Gnossienne 1

  1. Please let me know if this link plays for you.

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  2. daleinnis says:

    This is lovely! You are so full of poetry lately 🙂 thank you for bringing it out for us. My Dad loved Satie, this is a beautiful one. And beautiful words you respond with.

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    • Thank you Dale…I heard a few bars of this in the Netflix Queen’s Gambit , and became obsessed to find out what it was. Satie is new for me,and he has enthralled me with this one:) There are 6 parts to his Gnossienne, and I want to play them all. He made up this word, by the way to ” to capture a deep sorrow.” I agree he succeeded!

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  3. Diana says:

    Lovely one Karima, so soothing…. stay blessed ❤🌹

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  4. Katy Claire says:

    Such beautiful imagery in your writing, Karima. I love this piece and the music 🎶🙌 your description of Satie painting tears and garden parties and the “vampire ballet” is fantastic. Also him playing the keys limply repeatedly that breaks your heart, wow ♥️

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    • Oh thank you Katy for this comment full of poetic sensitive empathy:) I see that music can also move you deeply and that you have the beautiful gift of words, to let me feel your emotional response..Thank you , insightful poet and friend:) 🌺❤️🌸

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  5. Incredibly mesmerizing the music… a sweet continuous haunting memory that kept tugging at something in the deepest corners of my heart… something I was as excited to acknowledge as I was to run away from it…and your words accompanying it…your otherworldly words that gave expression to all I felt and more…wow…you are a delight Karima…:))

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  6. Inshallah! I will:) I am loving this zen music..I will make a comment after I listen to the whole hour:)
    I am doing a virtual reading the 28th of the month..I did a test for balance, so you can hear how it sounds together. I will do the reading live of course..and if it’s not in the middle of your night, I will invite you to listen on my internet station.. It’s a hour of many of these latest poems:)

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    • Your voice added even more beauty to the melody, Karima…loved it.
      I’m not sure where I would be on 28th…but do let me know how I could join live… I’ll try my best to attend…

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      • Oh I am glad you enjoyed the recording the date gets closer I will give you information on how you can tune in. I am actually in the virtual world in Second Life performing on a stage at that moment, but the stream they hear, you can hear, soo you don’t need an avatar to enjoy it:) If you can’t make it, I always make recordings during my my you can just hear it that way too, at a decent hour:)🌸🙏

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  7. Hoyt says:

    Your lovely words and this lovely piece of music dance perfectly together. Music always reaches to your depths and extracts enchanting words from you!

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  8. Querida Kari, yo también admiro a este original compositor. Gracias por compartir.

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  9. Muchas gracias por tu comentario, y me alegro que tambien, tu quieres la musica de este genio! Genial!


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