Out of Nothing…


Out of Nothing

Out of nothing …comes something..
It is the story of our universe, our planet Earth.
It is the story of our lives and our creativity.

From the tiniest little microscopic seed
Comes a totally new human being,
and two become three or four or more.

From a blank page, comes our poetry,
our paintings, essays and short stories.
From a blank mind, we tap into the flowing stream.

Creators, each and everyone,
even if we have not yet learned to see,
we have the possibility to touch and affect humanity.

Someone once said to me,
humans are happier making things, anything…
Ahh, to help them form from nothing, then hear them say..
”You made me!”

Karima Hoisan
February 2 ,2021
Costa Rica

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27 Responses to Out of Nothing…

  1. Msdedeng says:

    What a powerful poem indeed.

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  2. daleinnis says:

    Your insights into creation are always so deep, and expressed so perfectly and simply. This is why we do it!

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  3. Klausbernd says:

    It always needs something for making something. Even the Big Bang was something.
    All the best.
    Keep well
    The Fab Four of Cley
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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  4. Thank you for visiting and I appreciate your comment…of course you are right and yet…a whole lot came out of that Big Bang that wasn’t there in the beginning:) and in Art..it starts with an idea only.. an idea..something very hard to touch and say..this painting, poem , building started exactly here! Where?

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  5. Captured my feelings yet again you Karima. Yes. What a delight it is when the creation looks back at us, in all its glory, and faults, acknowledging our part in bringing it to life. Lovely. The magic of something out of nothing… 🤘🍀🙏

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    • Hello there my friend..and Yes..I know you know that joy when your characters leap off the page after a perfectly realistic and entertaining dialog and say…”Look, what you made us do”:):) Idea of course are something..but they are invisible and we can make them vsible through our Art….Aren’t we lucky?🙏🌺❤️

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      • Absolutey… I’m beginning to feel that too. That we are lucky. That’s why I feel it’s our duty to refine ourselves to match the standards of the ideas. To give them the deserved expressions, and get as close to them as possible, in our limited humanly capacity.

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    • and yes,,,what a challenge to come to the standards of the intangible..!! That is a “tall order” as the Americans say:) But of course…we must try..we do try..sometimes, we can even feel…Yes…we got close!! Abrazos mi amigo..🤗

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  6. I always thought nothing can come from nothing. But you made me rethink this: nothing is a something. And thus, something can come from nothing. Really liked this one! Exciting and thoughtful!

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    • Ohhh thank you so much Benjamin…well as I was saying to Sundaram, ideas, of course, are something..but invisible until we make them visible..so yes..something comes from nothing..and as writers and artists. we can feel that thrill….when they do:) Thank you for all your support of my poetry!

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  7. A truer poem has never been written, Karima.

    Creators, each and everyone,



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  8. Jeff Flesch says:

    What a lovely tribute to our collective and individual creative potential, Karima. I love this one! ❤️Well done, my friend. 🙏🙏

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    • Thank you Jeff..I know it’s a recurrent theme in my poetry..and I find myself saying the same thing in many different ways just because…..Isn’t it amazing that we can do this??? I am always in awe:)


  9. Shanyu says:

    This is resonantly true. You have some of the most original and moving content. I am left dumbfounded and in awe.
    Everything comes from nothing.

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    • Dear Shanyu..thank you so much for your visit, and this comment inspires me even more! It seems it is very mutual, because I too always enjoy your blog and your special poetic touch in your poetry.Thank you so much for your generosity to leave this beautiful comment..🙏🤗🌺 ❤️

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      • Shanyu says:

        My absolute pleasure friend. It is absolutely mutual. I am always stoked by your kind replies and your poetry at the same time. It means a lot to know that. I might not always be able to come and check out your poetry, but when I do, I wish to preserve it behind my eyelids to see the world through your words. Have a fantastic day.
        Paz y saludos.

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    • Thank you Shanyu, once more for your beautiful comment..It is so special for me to know that you “want to preserve my poetry behind your eyelids…” What a beautiful image..only a poet could write:):) Thank you again my friend..


  10. Diana says:

    This was such a beautiful write, Karima!! I suppose every poet will relate to this. I absolutely believe that something can indeed be born from nothing….and then be everything possible!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️. Stay blessed Habibti.. Have a lovely day my dear. ❤️💐🙏🤗💕🎁


    • Awww dear Diana…thank you for your comment…Yes, as I was saying to Jeff, as poets or any kind of artist, we do know this, but still…how incredible, that we can do it!! I feel humbled and also very lucky to be part of the creatives here, who even sometimes on a dailly basis, can turn something intangible into something where it becomes “everything possible” as you say.. Big hugs and be blessed and creative always habeebiti 🙏🤗❤️🌸🌟🌈

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  11. Hoyt says:

    Beautiful Miss Karima! The thought that everyone creates is invigorating. But as in this case and so many others, blank pages seem to flock to your creative ruminations.


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