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Dreaming Humanity

Waiting To Be Born by Dale Innis on Midjourney Dreaming Humanity In our world of fast morphing hours, shapelessness is only a transition into being, the first molding of a glorious possibility. Look deep into Design and see, everything slowly … Continue reading

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Out of Nothing…

Out of Nothing Out of nothing …comes something.. It is the story of our universe, our planet Earth. It is the story of our lives and our creativity. From the tiniest little microscopic seed Comes a totally new human being, … Continue reading

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The Molded One

What I’m learning as a soul in a body that is expiring… Creation is everywhere and in our hands; it’s part of you and part of me… being made in a Creator’s image; it comes bundled inside. I know I … Continue reading

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Clay Baby

Clay Baby I clawed you out of clay ingrata; you were the first lost grail on the bottom of the well, nebulous, unborn, a golden nugget, caked in mud, only living in my mind. I passed you my secrets of … Continue reading

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