My Poem, “Attitude,” On Spillwords Press

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I am once again very grateful to Spillwords Press for publishing my fourth poem,
“Attitude” on their site. I invite my readers to visit their site and read it there….
Attitude can be everything…can’t it?
Click the link to read “Attitude” on Spillwords Press

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23 Responses to My Poem, “Attitude,” On Spillwords Press

  1. daleinnis says:

    Congratulations! And the poem, once again, nicely expresses a universal truth through common personal images. Attitude is everything!

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  2. Jeff Flesch says:

    Wonderful. Congratulations, Karima! I love this poem, my friend. A lovely fresh breeze of perspective. Exquisite. 😊🙏❤🌹

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  3. Beautiful. Congratulations!

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  4. I tried posting a comment, but it seems not to have gone through – so… Mazal Tov!


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  5. Samreen Asad says:

    Congratulations habeebity, another wonderful, beautiful read❤️

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  6. Msdedeng says:

    Awesome, Karima.


  7. Congratulations!!!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

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  8. Diana says:

    How beautiful, Karima! Congratulations and so well deserved! Attitude really is everything, isn’t it Habibti! Stay blessed and may you have a blessed Ramadan! ❤️🤗🎁🙏💐

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  9. Congrats! This is awesome. A thousand blessings to you! Stay safe!

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  10. Alison Huse Farhner says:

    ❤️ Love this and you. Luna~

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