Two Steps Forward…One Step Back


Two Steps Forward…One Step Back

In this dance..
in the age old steps we learn,
about friendship,
but especially
about romance…

We must always
listen to the music.

How awkward
how clumsy
when we dance quicker
than the beat.
When we get ahead
of the rhythm
and must pull
ourselves back
to the start.

I love to dance,
but so rarely
am invited.
I might have
the nuanced rules,
the basic steps
by now.

So please excuse me,
if I trample your toes,
by pulling ahead,
like a horse
with the bit
in his mouth,
unstoppable and
on fire…
just to dance,

the whole day through,
the whole night long.

Grace and measure
are intricate points…
of each style,
of each polished,
slide and glide.
Without it,
we might wind up
sitting in a chair alone,
watching the others
who learned how
to do it,
elegantly and synced
to perfection,
fluidly pass us by.

Karima Hoisan
January 14, 2022
Costa Rica

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22 Responses to Two Steps Forward…One Step Back

  1. daleinnis says:

    Love the description of relationship as a dance! We must always be open to the music, indeed. And as long as you and your dance partner decide to break the rules in the same way, it’s all good! 🙂

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    • Thanks Dale and I love that point you bring out…Yes a dance together, is always about mutual consent..If you two decide to be a bit unconventional (whatever that means..) why not? It takes two to tango was an old expression but so true.. Nothing more painful than to watch a tango..where only one of the partners knows the steps Ouch!

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  2. Beautiful piece my wonderful Karima. It put a smile on my face.

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  3. Big Hugs and please send my prayers and love to your friend..I have been there..I do know what it’s like. Thinking of you..She is lucky you are with her.. Wishing you peace and harmony,

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  4. Jeff Flesch says:

    Oh, this is so beautiful, Karima. This speaks to me of the flow of life, and how when we are in sync, everything moves like a dance, and when we are our of sync, we stumble and fall. Yet, all the while, the river is still there flowing around us, ready to pick us back up. Beautiful verse, my dear friend. ✨🌻❤️🙏🦋

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    • Dearest Jeff..oh yes indeed…the “flow of life” is the great dance that encompasses all others:) Thank you for this perceptive and encouraging comment.. I always say…”You get me!” I love what you added about in the dance of life, is still there flowing around us…Beautiful…Have a wonderful weekend…🙏🌹🦋🌟❤️

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      • Jeff Flesch says:

        You’re welcome, dearest Karima. Always! Indeed, it is the great dance. Ah, I do get you, and you me! It’s so wonderful that way. Thank you, and a happy weekend to you! 🙏🦋✨🌻❤️

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  5. KK says:

    This is again a beautiful poem, Karima! Every word speaks of emotion you want to convey. The last stanza is ultimate. Life is full of dance and music, but a balance is needed at every step. I loved the title. A beautifully crafted piece👌💐💖🙏

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    • Ah yes indeed Kaushal..timing, balance, measure and the grace to pull it off:) I think as we get older, we become more graceful..We have practiced all our lives, we have learned a few steps or two:) We have seen when it all loses its beat and then , in other moments how perfectly synced we are to it. Life and lovers in the dance…have many things in common. Thank you dear friend, for your wise words again.❤️🤗🌹🦋

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  6. Some lovely analogies here and nicely constructed so it is so easy to read. I am enjoying your writing.

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  7. A wonderful poem! I loved the quick-paced yet melodious rhythm used, it appeals to me in a particular way.. 🙂

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  8. Oh wow..I never thought of this one like that…but are right..If not a song, I would love to do a live reading t just the right music…that could work too…By the way “Green Screen” is being polished as we speak..I hope to have it by next week:):)


  9. I love to dance,
    but so rarely
    am invited.

    May I have this dance, Karima?


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  10. Navin says:

    This is how I read your poem…”We must always listen to the music”…such beautiful & deep line…it’s the music of life…where the energy is the music…the music & the dance is in you, in me & in everyone else…the dance between the feminine & the masculine within oneself…the dance between the speed of life & the speed of our state…it’s not an ordinary dance…it’s a divine dance…beautifully expressed, Karima

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    • Beautiful view of my poem, dear Navin…and you are so correct..The dance is everywhere, and it is in us..The divine dance, the Cosmic Dance is seen in everything,,even in romance and love..and especially in Nature..Too much or too fast can ruin a crop, a budding friendship, a dream..Yes, It truly is a divine dance..Love what your eyes saw in this one, my friend. Thank you for sharing your deep insight and understanding Navin..


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