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I Eat Color and It Makes Me Dance

                                Color Dancer by Dale Innis on Midjourney Please click Play for my Spoken Word Version to the music Suave Suave by B-Tribe I Eat Color And It Makes Me Dance I eat color and it makes me dance. It … Continue reading

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“You Brought The Music” on YouTube!!

Ramadan Kareem!  I am so excited to share with you my latest obsession:)  My poem that I wrote on March 6, You Brought The Music ,in less than a month, has turned into a video!!  Even I am amazed it … Continue reading

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Will Be a Bit Scarce… but Not Absent!

Hello to my friends and readers, I am embarking on a new video journey that has been inspired by my poem, “You Brought The Music” and especially by a comment by our fellow WordPress blogger, Sundaram Chauhan who expressed he … Continue reading

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Two Steps Forward…One Step Back

Two Steps Forward…One Step Back In this dance..in the age old steps we learn,about friendship,but especiallyabout romance…We must always listen to the music. How awkwardhow clumsywhen we dance quickerthan the beat.When we get aheadof the rhythmand must pullourselves back to … Continue reading

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Kari’s Bar & Dance

Kari’s Bar & Dance If you are one of the lucky ones, who finds her club..where the music stops time… where the air is full of memories and decades have waxed the floorboards smooth so dark, your eyes need to … Continue reading

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Bolero It’s not the dance; it’s never the dance, but who is dancing. The connection takes place outside the steps, not within. Still, the gliding graceful turns and pauses, the taut hesitation, help the magic weave a moment never lost … Continue reading

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