Curiouser and Curiouser

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                          Curiouser and Curiouser by Amanda Tomasoa

Curiouser and Curiouser
for artist Amanda Tomasoa

We are like you with hopes and dreams
In suits, kaftans, or designer jeans
Uneasy about our future, our security
Oh my, look who just moved in next door!!

We try to eat right, keep the doctor at bay
Send our kids to the best schools of the day
Our lawns are clipped, in the esthetic way
Oh my, look who just moved in next door!!

Our faces don’t reveal what lies deep inside
We are polite and if not welcoming, at least civilized.
We can give you a full list of all that’s despised
Oh my, look who just moved in next door!

We probably should go and meet them soon
Bring them some baked goods, try to commune
But we are not sure they could be truly in-tune
Oh well, they have just moved in next door!!

Karima Hoisan
Aug. 31st 2010
The Criss Museum of Contemporary Art
Second Life

Footnote: Sharing an oldie from Second Life.
Yesterday I turned 15 there. Was my Rez Day (Birthday in the Virtual)
They even sent me a card:) 🎉
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29 Responses to Curiouser and Curiouser

  1. That is a very poignant verse!
    The artwork is wonderful!

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  2. daleinnis says:

    Oh, that is excellent! It’s just what the image is saying, although I wouldn’t have recognized it without your words. So perfectly capturing the uncertainty when someone Different moves into the neighborhood…

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    • I haven’t lived in that kind of neighborhood for a long time, but I am pretty sure some variation of this theme goes on:) Loved the image at first sight. In Second Life I really started becoming an ekphrastic poet…so much Art to be seen!! Was a paradise for that:)


  3. Grace says:

    Happy Rez Day, my friend!!!! I absolutely love that verse Karima. I was totally hooked from the first line and the fun/playful flow throughout was so intriguing to read. I love how in anything you write no matter how different a theme your strong, unique and specifically beautifully voice always shines through. Always inspired by you 🤍🤗

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    • Aww habeebity thank you! I had totally forgotten about this poem..luckily I had signed and dated it or I might be still in doubt:) Thank you for my Rez Day wishes..I’m going to share a post dedicated to my 13th Rez Day…you might enjoy seeing it in a bit more depth…a real journey and learning experience it has been. Big hugs. Grace..Have a Very Happy New Year!! So glad you are here!!.

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      • Grace says:

        Omg thank you so very much for sharing!!! It was honestly one of the best things I read in a while, almost like watching a movie of someone’s life story. It was a true delight to go on your journey, and I am so very grateful you shared. I love how you kept repeating “soul infused”, those words really sunk in over time. Ahhhh I’m just so touched you shared your journey in more depth with me, thank you for letting me see you 🤍🤗

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    • My pleasure to share it with you makes me… me…over the years and thank you for wanting to know a bit more about this side:) Yes soul-infused is a promise and a commitment…What you see in my avatar, contains’s very much me, just in avatar form instead of flesh and blood:):) Fascinating really:)

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      • Grace says:

        I left a comment on your latest masterpiece 😊, but it disappeared. Might’ve gone to spam 🤦🏼‍♀️…just wanted to let you know! Hugsss 🤗🤗


  4. Joey says:

    Happy rez day, dear Karima! Wow, 15 years, that’s really something 🙂
    (I completely forgot mine again in November…)


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  5. Gorgeous post dearest Karima ❤️❤️❤️


  6. swadharma9 says:

    the poem seems to perfectly express the feel of the painting, as well as being excellent social commentary🙏🏼🌹👍🏼


  7. KK says:

    This poem is old, but gold. An excellent piece, Karima! You have beautifully depicted the situation when a new neighbour moves in. Repetition of look who just moved in next door! creates a magical impact.
    Loved the image and card. Happy Rez Day, Karima, and Happy New Year too 🎉💐💖🙏

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  8. Linda Bass says:

    Happy Rez Day to my former neighbor – the best there could ever be!

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  9. isteb22 says:

    Maybe an oldie but to me it is Timeless, I love it!

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  10. We are somewhat nomadic in our habits, in fact living in Lancashire is just about the longest I’ve been in one place since childhood. How we find each new neighbourhood always reminds me of the story about how a man say the people in a town he left and how he will see them in the town he is going to. We have nearly always had great neighbours and been welcomed. Your last verse really gets at this point, we need to welcome newcomers. Thank you for writing this. Have a wonderful and productive 2023.


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