Dreaming Humanity

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Waiting To Be Born by Dale Innis on Midjourney

Dreaming Humanity

In our world of fast morphing hours,
shapelessness is only a transition into being,
the first molding of a glorious possibility.

Look deep into Design and see,
everything slowly becoming something else,
in this never-quite-focused Human dream.

The created, cast in the Mastermind’s own reflection,
peer back through the mist of thick impenetrable transcendence
wondering if something or someone is out there
and why they are now standing here?

Soon they will multiply, re-multiply,
always wondering why?
Their smooth new textures drying,
as they peer through their opaque history.
While looking forward,
they feel more comfortable holding back.
They wait for something to be revealed,
a secret unsealed by the One who shaped them
and soon to be setting them into motion.

They stand in the portal, waiting to be born,
to descend full of Human error and compassion,
one of the greatest works of Art the Artist dreams
over and over again:

a vulnerable child,

an imperfect woman,

a frail and fallible man.

Karima Hoisan
December 29, 2022
Costa Rica


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26 Responses to Dreaming Humanity

  1. A most thoughtful verse!!
    The artwork puts me in mind of the image you shared yesterday! 🙂

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  2. daleinnis says:


    “peer back through the mist of thick impenetrable transcendence”

    Such a thought…

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  3. Oh my goodness, little do they know what they’re getting into :):)
    Thank you for the great image Dale…I was inspired by the curious neighbors yesterday and your prowess with Midjourney makes this image(and poem) possible. Love it!!


  4. Grace says:

    “Look deep into Design and see,
    everything slowly becoming something else,
    in this never-quite-focused Human dream.” – that verse is simply 🔥🔥🔥. I kept reading it over and over again, like what a deep and magical collection of words. This whole piece is so precious and ripe with meaning, you really did a wonderful job of playing with dreaming and reality!! One of my favorites of yours, dear Karima!!!! I could read this over and over again and get a new meaning, and that’s the work of very skilled writer like yourself 🤍🤗🤍🤗

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    • Aww thank you my dear Grace..naughty WP had put your beautiful comment, in my spam pile!! 😳 I check periodically, because this has happened before…and I lovingly rescued it and put it back where it belongs. So glad you feel this way…this poem came “very channeled” I wasn’t even sure what I was saying, until I read it all back…I know you understand..I see that in your writing too…the flow that keeps on flowing:) Thank you so much for thinking so highly about this one; it’s special to me too..Big hugs..and a very Happy and Creative New Year:) ❤️🤗🌹🌟❤️

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      • Grace says:

        Ahh I thought so 😬, thank you for kindly bringing it back to life 😊. And yess, I could totally sense that channeled feeling in this one…such a magical form of creation! Truly fell into your words in the best way, like an enchanting adventure. Big hugs your way too 🤗🤗

        PS – I saw someone mention “too deep” on this one and I just want you to know you could never be too deep!!!! Your voice is beautiful and your words are a gift to be read, truly 🤍🤗🤍🤗

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    • Thank you Grace for getting my poetry…and you really do…I also vibrate to yours..a win/win:)

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  5. marcdbaker says:

    Too much information and too deep for me. I’m a simple man.
    I plagerized this.
    Kurt Vonnegut-author. Book title- ” Cat’s Cradle ”
    He was a existentialist author and a very intelligent human being. If he were still alive, he would tell me that none of us are very intelligent. Those among us that think we are intelligent are only delusional and suffering from vanity.
    Vanity of Vanity….. all is Vanity ! Pslams, ‘That’ is Biblical.
    Your unknown friend,
    Wishing you Peace, Joy and tranquility in the New Year Karima.
    Marc David

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  6. marcdbaker says:

    How many roads must a man walk down ? Before he can have a real conversation with Karima ? Johhny’s in the basement mixing up the medicine, I’m on the pavement thinking about the government, Man in a trench coat etc. etc. When I played guitar I played alot of Bob Dylan. Never met him but always loved him.
    Never met you either girl and probably never will. However, that does not prohibit me from loving you from afar. Wishing all your dreams and wishes come true in the new year Karima ! Wishing you peace and contentment.

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  7. marcdbaker says:

    A question please ? Are we having a public conversation now or am I just
    “Dust in the Wind” ? who ? ________. Your favorite female artists ? Let me guess.
    Carol King, Joni Mitchell, Sheryl Crow , Phoebe Snow and Grace Slick ????
    How am I doing so far ????


  8. Americaoncoffee says:

    Simply fascinating!

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  9. swadharma9 says:

    just beautiful🥰i love this tender poem, the poignant ending, the understory & the overstory❤️wonderfully evocative🎊🙏🏼🌹👍🏼

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  10. Jeff Flesch says:

    How wonderful are your words. There is a certain liquidity to your words that, for me, mirror the shapelessness of true beingness. I love this amazing write, Karima. Beautiful! ❤️🤗🌹

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  11. Such a beautiful poem with incredible metaphors which are always morphing into something else. Thanks for your insights and expressions of our true selves always! 💗

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    • Hi Cindy..sorry just saw your sweet comment.Thank you for your deep intuitive understanding of this poem…Yes, this is how it’s been set up from the beginning of Time..everything is always morphing into something else.. so fascinating, to think about!! Thank you for your perceptive comments….always!!❤️

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      • It’s always my pleasure Karima!

        You’re so welcome. When you’ve been there, you know and this is always true and totally a gift of spirit calling us to our higher selves. You”re very welcome my friend! 💞

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