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                               “Rainbow on the Sea” by Dale Innis on Midjourney

inspired by the painting “Crew Abstract”
artist: Genevieve SilverCloud (Artist & Skydiver)
music: “Farewell” and “Silk Road”/ Tan Dun
(Please click play to hear Rainbow recited to this beautiful music)

There was a time when Rainbows wished to cast themselves out to sea,
instead of meeting waves on the bend of horizons.

The blues of the deep called to their inner prisms and they longed to reflect off the moving mirrors of azure and turquoise what was in their deepest tones.

They waited in their rainbow shelters, tucked high away out of sight. They could only watch the slow tides coming in bringing them hope, and the waning tides bidding them farewell.

Day after day, they saw the ceaseless movement below them, the going out and the coming in but found no way to touch down and feel the foam, pour their colors out over the crystalline

palette of aqueous canvas, merging every shade it possessed until the sea ignited and truly felt what it was possible to feel, the touch of the Sky’s most colorful Angel, a Rainbow in glow

Humans, but only some, are just a notch below the Angels..
The rainbow saw a crew of flying figures practicing something new.

Waiting patiently, a rosy tinted virtue, it observed from behind clouds, the little group striving for perfection, diving in the sunlight, trying to duplicate the very colors and arch the Rainbow had always possessed, since before Time was counted.

Rainbows are known to smile if the sunlight hits them just right, and this one did, as it waited for the conditions needed to begin its purposeful descending flight.

All it hoped for, was one small cloud, to rain down the finest mist, the sunshine and the Rainbow nature would be enough to bathe them all in bliss.

The Crew took flight, the Rainbow counted seconds of descent, and when their colorful shoots opened and began to form the magical arc of this unique alliance, The rainbow let go bathing the descending humans in the most colorful glorious glow.

Clinging to them in warm rays of purest essence
It whispered to each gliding Human in a plea

“Will you take me with you until we touch the sea.?”

Karima Hoisan
Misty Shores SL

Footnote: This is the original painting by Genevieve SilverCloud, “Crew Abstract” She was a popular SL artist in my first years there and an avid skydiver. She had an exhibition of her skydiving art and this one, “Rainbow,” I performed at her opening:)
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14 Responses to Rainbow

  1. daleinnis says:

    Lovely and really imaginative! A whole new picture of rainbows and their thoughts.

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  2. Grace says:

    Aww Karima, this piece is simply marvelous. I love the verse about rainbows smiling – that is just BRILLIANT. I was recently inspired by color too 😊, so I was smiling inside and out reading this piece of magic. It was so soothing to read and made my mind light up in imagining all the colors of imagery you so beautifully described. Your creative touch is just effortlessly powerful and graceful in so many ways. Always inspired by you, dear friend 🤍🤗

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    • Aww hello beauty!! Love your take on my rainbow and yes, can’t you just see them smile:) They beam! I wrote it almost as a child’s story, but choosing the Japanse music, made me think of it as maybe a legend from Asia, translated..simple, soothing, and yes relaxing. I hope you could also listen to my recitation to just close your eyes and paint the images in your mind. Grace, you are another who vibrates and is inspired by color and I love that you too are drawn to paint your poems in them. Thank you for this beautiful comment, I feel a rainbow-smile sweeping over my face…You too are such an inspiration for me:) 🌈 🤗❤️

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      • Grace says:

        Aww thank you for this lovely reply, dearest Karima!! I love how you share your pieces in two versions…words and recitation – it’s like getting a deluxe version of one’s favorite song 😊. Thank you for being YOU 🤗🤗. Keep on shining and smiling as you are the beautiful rainbow!!

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    • Thank you so much Grace..my newest post, I Eat Color and it Makes me Dance” is for you:) Hope you find it:):)

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  3. As always your dreamy voice and poem brings beautiful imagery and magic to every word Karima.
    “Rainbows are known to smile if the sunlight hits them just right, and this one did, as it waited for the conditions needed to begin its purposeful descending flight.”

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    • Thank you Cindy you made me smile too:) So glad you listened and enjoyed my reading..It’s funny..I always feel a twinge of emotion at the end when the glorious rainbow asks so humbly if it can catch a ride all the way down, to lay on the sea, flat, horizontally and merge sky and sea. When I performed it for this Art Opening, I actually had tears at the end,,,If I could have hugged that rainbow..I surely would have. Thank you for your inspiring comments always, Cindy🌹🙏❤️

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      • You’re so welcome Karima. oh that is so sweet and I do love that visual of the words you paint. It’s a wonderful thought actually. I love that you have so much passion and heart my friend. You’re always welcome my friend❣️

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  4. Big hugs and big thank- yous Cindy!!🌹


  5. marcdbaker says:

    Beautiful Karima ! Rainbow in Tahitian is Anuanua. My daughters name is :
    “Moorea” after the island that my wife and I spent some of our Honeymoon.
    It was years later when we learned that “Moorea” actually means, “little yellow gecko”. When we brought our daughter back when she was about 10 years old, the Tahitians were flattered. They did not name their daughters Moorea. Now they do.
    Pretty cool huh ? is that picture of “Rainbow on the Sea” a untouched photo ? I have never seen anything like it before. Beautiful ! Just like your spirit.
    Your friend,

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    • Ohh I love this story and really what a wonderful name, Moorea. You started a trend by naming your daughter that among the Tahitians. That’s a very beautiful story marc. The picture is not from real life. It is taken literally from the words of the poem. The rainbow longs to touch the sea, but not as an arc but as part of it..
      “merging every shade it possessed until the sea ignited and truly felt what it was possible to feel, the touch of the Sky’s most colorful Angel, a Rainbow in glow”
      Dale Innis who works creatively created this one to illustrate the longing of the rainbow…Very happy you enjoyed its tale:) Anuanua is a beautiful word too. Tahitian sounds like a very flowing language. How wonderful you are fluent in it.


  6. marcdbaker says:

    Definitely NOT FLUENT in Tahitian !!! It is a work in progress. Born in the USA !!
    But I speak Spanish, German pretty well & mostly French here in Tahiti. My French is terrible but the French here and the Tahitians are very forgiving. It’s not Paris ! But I am really not that smart. If I drink a couple beers my brain goes haywire and I mix languages and then nobody understands me. Life is rough !
    Wishing you peace and happiness Karima.

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