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Go With The Flow

                         AI Art programmed by Dale Innis “Go With The Flow”   Please listen to the poem recorded to the haunting music of Leonard Cohen’s,”Tacoma Trailer” Go With The Flow Riding our Orcle, in the open sea, the surf sliding … Continue reading

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Beautifully Loved and Signed

Beautifully Loved and Signed The poem leaped in delight, because she was exactly the one, for him to be born, this girl with the light steps and kind ways the sparking eyes, the chiseled profile, the noble face. It lived … Continue reading

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You Won

You Won Every time I hold this to the light, I always think of you.When I was a dancer spinning down the garden path,the light was moon not sun and I giggled when you said,”ole”You made your fingers into horns, … Continue reading

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