Dinner For Two


                  “…soul-mates out to dine on just each others artsy passions…”

I invite you to listen to my reciting of this poem,  from a live reading at Tropical Reflections Costa Rica Feb. 23rd, 2011-Just Click PLAY below:

Dinner For Two
for D.

Maybe it is not my place to feel what I am feeling,
to twist and stretch a little room where nothing does nor can exist
into a banquet hall  of fantasy.
Soul-mates out to dine on just each others’ artsy passions, and obsessions,
that make their eyes glow bright gazing over candlelight,

that makes the Time lie still and wait like silver placed next to their plates,
to be picked up and then put down while color is served in twelve  ascending courses, and waiters are flowing and never cease changing
the table decorations and decor.

I know it is a lot to ask,
that Time rewrite  the scripts already served and eaten in the past

the sickness and the crippling, the waning and the laming,
the unrecoverable damaged goods left at both our doors.

But I have fought for what my heart decries,
and I have had the patience of a mounted saint,
standing still upon her steed, now poised,
ready to storm the gates of propriety and go beyond all logic
and all reason,
there is a time to act for every season,
and I see winter comes upon us so voraciously.

It’s love that bursts inside my chambers, and makes my heart grow larger
than it’s supposed to grow,

 It’s love that makes me throw all caution out the door,
and standing now on top the tablecloth,
I am the centerpiece of it,
I am the crystal flower bowl of  Love.
I am the foolish girl who loves beyond her reach,
who loves the brilliant and the futile,
who loves with depth,
and who loves you,
and all your Art that she can eat. 

Karima Hoisan
October 31, 2011
LINC Island, SL

Footnote. This was done more than 11 years ago. The Artist in the poem, influenced my
poetry and my video making in amazing ways. I was captivated by his brilliant use of colors.
I even learned to love the color orange, I had never appreciated before. I never told him that I had fallen in love with his mind, his talent, but he was in the audience, the day I recited this poem:)

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22 Responses to Dinner For Two

  1. Joey says:

    This is so amazing, Karima! I can’t help but think that art also loves you ❤

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    • Oh Joey, you know the person this poem refers to. He hasn’t been around for awhile, but he even wrapped up Nat in his brilliant mind, his visionary ideas and we had so much fun creating videos for his futuristic projects. I hope art loves me… I feel it does; it too has been such a central influence in my poetry. Thank you my dear friend. Hugs

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  2. KK says:

    Just brilliant, Karima! Old, but lovely! In your amazing voice…I am the foolish girl who loves beyond her reach… So intense, I love the selection of words here.

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    • Thank you Kaushal…this one is and always be close to my heart. It reminds me how greatness infatuates and how love can be born out of pure admiration. It’s one of the most noble kinds…and love inspires and is such a creative force.. Thank you for this beautiful comment.🤗🌹❤️🌈

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  3. Layla Todd says:

    How special to both read and listen to this magical and transportive poem! ❤

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  4. Grace says:

    “to be picked up and then put down while color is served in twelve ascending courses,” – that line is just fabulous. This whole piece and the running analogy through it is gloriously beautiful! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this one, dear Karima. You took me on such a fun yet deep journey, your words seriously transported me to this scene. And your footnote at the end made it even more special and powerful, thank you for sharing. Your writing just blows me away, dear friend!!!! I am continuously inspired by you and always so excited to see your name in my reader 🤍🤗🤍🤗

    Liked by 1 person

    • Smiling big…as you can see, I have gone back to the very beginning of my color obsession, that I would say started in 2009 after being over a year in Second Life. Ohhh you have made me so happy with your superlatives!! I too loved this piece for what it represents and how it flowed out like a confession, against all logic and caution…Sometimes we just have to say it like we feel it…right? Your last line blew me away…but you know it’s totally mutual, and I try to grab your new posts, fresh from the oven… Big hugs…Let’s stay inspired..For me, revisiting older pieces is a catalyst, a jump start to being more prolific today. Thank you too, Grace for this beautiful motivating comment. I love it!!❤️🌹❤️

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      • Grace says:

        Haha, I LOVE your color obsession!!! Your perspective on life is such a treat to read. Thank you for the encouragement on visiting older pieces, definitely going to be using that 😊🤗. Aww I mean every word, dearest Karima! Lots of love your way 🤗🤍


  5. daleinnis says:

    Such an evocative and touching reading… and such lovely heartfelt verses. Thank you for sharing this, again!

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    • Thank you Dale, you had not met me yet when I did this. No one was reading my blog back then either so it seemed like a good idea to share a trio of color from yesteryear.. Thank you for all your support always.


  6. johncoyote says:

    I love your voice dear Karima. Your voice, so gentle and sweet. Thank you for what you do.

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  7. johncoyote says:

    Reblogged this on johncoyote and commented:
    Amazing written and verbal poetry by a talented poet.

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  8. This comment gives me hope.I am so glad you enjoy my spoken words, John:)


  9. Simply beautiful. A throbbing, observant, restless and meaningful world where to find the unimagined is now part of your charm and that charm as you captivate the reader with your lyrics and your beautiful recital.
    Thank you for making us participants of your poetic feeling.
    Hugs, dear Karima.


  10. Navin says:

    Wow, what a gorgeous piece…”I have had the patience of a mounted saint…”I’m the foolish girl who loves beyond her reach…I’m the center piece”…truly a magical piece…I listened to it twice…what a journey I must say…lovely footnote…thank you for this magical sharing, my magical friend 💫


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