An Invitation to Read My Short Story-Gliding Beauty

dramatic                                          Illustration by Gino 2007

Hi everyone,
some of you have already started this 5 chapter story about Umahmad, someone who appears in my poetry consistently. I am a poet, not used to writing prose, but this story has been sitting on old hard drives and in drawers since 2007, and this Ramadan I thought it was a good time, to bring it out into the light and share it.
I just finished the 5th chapter and just published it on Wednesday, a few days before Ramadan ends. It is the longest chapter, but it brings everything up to date to 2023.
I encourage those who started reading Gliding Beauty to finish it and those who have yet to start, to try the first chapter and see if it holds your interest.
I really appreciate your support and your feedback. This is an intimate true  story and if I did not feel so comfortable here among you all on WordPress, I would not have shared it.
You can find the chapters in order here:

Chapter One Can Be Found Here

Chapter Two Can Be Found Here

Chapter Three Can Be Found Here

Chapter Four Can Be Found Here

Chapter Five (The Epilogue) Can Be Found Here

Thank you so much for your wonderful support and friendship over the many years.
Hope you enjoy my story:)

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6 Responses to An Invitation to Read My Short Story-Gliding Beauty

  1. Looking forward to Wednesday Karima❤️

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  2. daleinnis says:

    You are an excellent prose writer; all of this comes out as so true, so beautiful while also so tragic. The voice, the sensibility, is very much the same as in your poetry; wonderfully honest, open, communicative.

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    • Wow! Thank you Dale.. for saying this and maybe because I just had such a great true story to work with, is why it feels that way to you. Awww your words mean so much to me, especially that you feel the voice of my poetry and my prose are very much the same voice, Thank you for saying that

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  3. tallisman says:

    Roll on Wednesday! Thank you Karima for sharing. …

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