Wake Her Up!


I am so thrilled to announce that my poem Wake Her Up! is now live on
MasticadoresIndia. Thank you Terveen Gill, for choosing it and for all your great work that you do on this wonderful site. I am beyond excited to be included there today:)

Wake Her Up!

Like an actual Sleeping Beauty, asleep in the forest of her dreams,

her life and the birds outside keeping that girl dreaming a singular dream,

there was a prince who came one night, kissed her lips too soon it seems,

who perhaps sensed that no future would ever bring them together,

no scenes were written for the two of them to play off each other,

no hope, and so why bother? He slipped away, into the dream of another…..

To read the rest,  please go to MasticadoresIndia
Thank you all for reading it:)

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21 Responses to Wake Her Up!

  1. Many congratulations!! 🤗🤗

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  2. Thank you so much Colin! 🌹


  3. Joey says:

    Congratulations, dear Karima!
    I really enjoyed the rhythm and mysteriousness of this one 🙂


  4. Karima, this is fantastic. I love your unique take.


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  5. Cassa Bassa says:

    Congratulations Karima! A very well deserved publication.

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  6. Pooja G says:

    Congratulations and very much enjoyed the poem.

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  7. Layla Todd says:

    Congratulations! What a moving and enchanting poem indeed. I love the imagery and the way it carries me as if in that eternal slumber, as if living the fairytale of sleeping beauty. ❤

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  8. michnavs says:

    I’ve read it over on Masticadores ..and it is such a gorgeous poem.

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  9. jonicaggiano says:

    Just such a beautifully written piece as always Karima. I made a comment at MasticadoresIndia. Blessings my good friend. Big hugs, love ya


  10. KK says:

    Congratulations, Karima! This is brilliant write, and you truly deserve this honour 😊💐🌹


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