Pastels On The Red Carpet


                       The image,”Made for Fame” by Dale Innis on Midjourney

They were all waiting for them to arrive on the Red Carpet at Cannes.

There was so much hype and expectation and of course curiosity.

He was the new darling of the European Directors/Writers/Producers genre,

A one-man show and his latest, along with his lead actor, was getting buzz.

Jorgen Schmidt alongside his lead, Candace Cottontime stole the paparazzi’s eyes

He’d been labeled Rogue Genius, Loco Brilliante, Innovative & Perverse,

and The Chosen One.

Cover of Vogue and Vanity Faire, he was voted most eligible bachelor of 2031.

Candace (everybody called her Candy) was up for the Best Actor Award at Cannes

In the Best movie, with the Best Director, Producer and Special Effectors.

She was the surprise of the Festival; no one could believe their eyes
on Preview Night.

But as with every movie scandal and hype, there was controversy.

Some say neither Candace nor Jorgen, were actually human.

At Cannes, no one really cared,

Art was Art and they both entertained.

But back on Stateside, The Academy was calling

for not only an investigation, but their DNA.

The Conspiracy Theorists, clapped their hands in glee.

They Always knew it would come to this…

AI someday taking over the industry…

and the scary part was, that the audience didn’t even care.

Lulled to sleep, by glamour, beauty, talent and fantastic scenes,

They loved above all else The illusion…

To go to the movies and shake off their boring, frightening,

uncertain, mortal realities…

And lose themselves in the magic of fantasy and make believe.

Karima Hoisan
May 24, 2023
Costa Rica


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25 Responses to Pastels On The Red Carpet

  1. *sigh* very disheartening 😦

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  2. True enough but… we’ll have to see or you’ll have to see (I think it’s a little ahead of the time I still have left) Hopefully they won’t hide the fact, as Dale doesn’t, when he always says what prompting program he used to create it.

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  3. daleinnis says:

    Wonderful story! We do, of course, care mostly for the Spectacle, the Fantasy, the Illusion, at least when we are being the Audience. Maybe back home when considering the financials and the contracts and the rights of the actors, then we care about other aspects.

    “Candace Cottontime”: perfect name! As usual you have seen whole additional layers in my little bubblegum-couture image…

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    • Thank you Dale and yes, it’s just an ekphrastic vignette of what the image was saying to me visually… Oh yes, as much as some want to, we can’t always escape but…in the movie theater, with a tub of popcorn and a usually forbidden Coke, is a good place to do it. It always has been. Ah yes, I guess Candy Cottontime promises to be a Hollywood Diva…and her name, certainly does help * winks. Thank you for showing me this one..I immediately suspected, there was a story inside:)

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  4. Oh Brave New World!

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  5. Ahh mauves..a bit better than shades of dull brown..but me too…I hope that is not our next stage…our next Age! 🙏


  6. Illusion lulls many to sleep Karima. Nice job on your wonderful ekphrastic piece! I so love it! I barely find movies that entertain any more or perhaps I’ve found other writers like you that do a better job. Love the pic and Candy stole the show. Let’s hope AI doesn’t take over. I’m not giving them my brain if I have anything to say about it!~ 😝💗


    • Thanks so much Cindy for your really objective and refective comment. I agree, it’s a rare movie that “blows my hair back” either. Thank you for including me among the writers who still can entertain now and then:) I’m with you..I hope Humanity will keep its top position (but hopefully a bit more humane) and AI will not reach the catastrophic heights people are fearful of now. Please please don’t give them your brain..It really is too sharp and quick…to fall in sinister hands Muahaha:) Just loved your comment. 🤗❤️

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      • You’re so very welcome Karima!! I’m so happy to hear you enjoyed my shared feeling of your entertaining poem. And that you do and are an amazing writer. I certainly hope that is in the cards as well. Sometimes I just shake my head but i’m keeping my brain, don’t you worry. we need to protect each other from those gremlins!! 💗


  7. swadharma9 says:

    we are in the early childhood of humanity, quite amenable to being lured by being lulled🤗 nicely illustrated by your poem🙏🏼🌹🤗😎

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  8. michnavs says:

    Such a brilliant and creative imagination here Karima…i love the names of the characters you chose and i love how you made me believe at first this is somehow true, with your first five lines.

    And of course we know, this is very possible but i guess and i hope it won’t happen that soon..not probably in our time

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    • Thank you so much Mich for your positive and inspiring comment. Yes, I too am hoping (and thinking) this is still a long way off from a reality in our time..but it does make for an interesting premise.. Loved you read the first 5 lines as if it might be true:) 🌹

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  9. So true, Karima! Hollywood is an illusion, and it’s no different anywhere else.

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  10. THIS IS AWESOME! It feels like a novel in the making. And says a lot about the time we live in. Good job, Karima!


    • Yes, it was a bit of satire on the way things are going,..or we imagine they could be going…. but it brought out readers fears when it was just meant to be a fun (as you say topical )piece of our time. So glad you enjoyed it:) Such a wild image!! How could I not write something? 😉


  11. Layla Todd says:

    Loving the thought-provoking nature of this piece and the way it takes a look at what we are living and what perhaps we are headed toward. Beautiful! ❤


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