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AI Dreams in Art is Here!!

On August 1st, it all started with one prim, a texture and an idea for my 21st world On Kitely – Virtual Worlds, completely inspired by the enormous quantity of AI Art, Dale Innis was producing. Dale had been dabbling … Continue reading

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“AI Dreams in Art” My 21st VR World in Gestation

Dale Innis, my collaborator of many worlds and projects has been playing with AI Art programs for some time. Quite a few paintings, he has turned out, have inspired my poetry, but lately he has been working with a program … Continue reading

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Soulless Streets

           “The Street” (photorealistic dreamlike) AI Art by Dale Innis Soulless StreetsAI Art: So realistic, so not…so beautiful, slightly upsetting If some day the human raceis erased…is no longer seen upon Mother Earth’s,glorious face,I guess if Art is only made … Continue reading

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